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Art Student Trolls Professor with Hidden Message in Her Drawing





Deadlines are the bane of a student’s existence, especially since some professors assign projects and set deadlines all at the same time. It may be possible to start working on some of these projects earlier so you can move on to the next ones, but inspiration can be hard to come by. And if anything, deadlines also add to one’s inspiration to pass a subject and not have to repeat it in the next semester.

One design student has almost had it with her professor, and so she decided to subtly speak up against it in one of her submissions.

Lama Ali’s professor gave her three finals to finish all on the same day. Considering these are artwork submissions, it would be almost impossible to conceptualize, execute, and finalize her artwork while also getting some time off to eat and sleep.

You have to admit that this fashion drawing is beautiful, even if you aren’t able to spot the hidden message.

The only way she felt she could do this was by hiding a message in her drawing that says “You got me f*cked up” in American Sign Language.

In her artwork, you can see some hand signs in between the figures.

These hand signs are more than just pretty embellishments to her drawing.

Upon submission, the professor was delighted with her drawings, and didn’t even detect the message hidden within. The professor did wonder about the significance of the hand signs, but Lama simply waved it off and explained that she was just practicing drawing hands.

Luckily for her, none of her fellow students ratted her out, so the secret is still safe. Of course, now that her artwork has gained traction all over the internet, it’s highly probable that her professor will find out about it soon enough.

Let’s hope that Lama’s grades are already finalized once this reaches her professor!

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