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Man Uses 70,000 Bottle Caps to Make an Amazing Pavilion

Arunkumar H G made a beautiful pavilion using an item we can find in any home.

Grace Alviar Viray





Arunkumar H G is a renowned artist from India who has participated in many exhibitions all over the world. He specializes on photo-based, installation, and performative works.

This time, however, he made art by collecting over 70,000 bottle caps to make a pavilion.

Called “Droppings and the Dam(n),” this recycled art was also made to “map the consumption pattern of the society at that time.”

A part of the “Forms of Activism” by Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust (SAHMAT) in 2014, “Droppings and the Dam(n)” is a one of a kind recycled art.

A panoramic shot of the piece and the seascape.


Droppings and the Dam(n)
Arunkumar used 70,000 bottle caps to make a pavilion.
Amazed, aren’t you?
Amazing piece!

It all starts from our own home and surroundings, I treat everything including the one useless as equally valuable resource. I keep collecting all the junk around me all the time. These bottle tops were collected for couple of years. – Arunkumar H G

H/T: Bored Panda

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Home & DIY

This Man’s Home Has An Underground Secret You’ll Be Totally Jealous Of

By far the coolest and grandest basement I have ever seen!

Jessa Ventures



This very unique, modern and exquisite type of underground sanctuary will make you forget the usual, boring, plain and sometimes creepy basements we are used to seeing. We are not talking about some famous commercial attractions though but a residential home owned by Steve Fisher in Singapore.

Fisher's 5,800 square foot bungalow has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It also boasts a saltwater pool, an open-air floor plan, relaxing greenery and everything you might want for a fun getaway except that you can stay indoors instead.

The best asset of the house is an  underwater entertainment room with a perfect and wide-angle view of the pool as if like a giant aquarium. All of its walls are wrapped in floor-to-ceiling windows which according to Fisher, constitute some of the largest private installations in the world. Cool!

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This Man Made A Drill-Powered Walking Machine That Looks Like An Apocalyptic Robot!

Would you use such device to walk you to work?

Inah Garcia



Have you ever thought of using or making those creepy metal robot machines in movies to aid you in walking, moving or doing whatever task you need? Yes, we only see them in the reel world and we didn't think anyone would want to make those eerie-looking robots for daily usage.

In this video we found, YouTube user Izzy Swan created a walking machine that is powered by nothing but a drill. Inspired by Dutch artist Theo Jansen's Strandbeest, he developed a home-made device that can propel one person forward, while merely standing on one part of the device. It can carry up to 370 lbs and is powered by a 20-volt drill. It looks quite unstable, not to mention, weird at the same time. It just sends us chills every time we imagine something creepy-crawly pushing us forward.

Watch the video here:

The finished product does not look like it was made out of wood as it looks so advanced and futuristic. Do you think all people would use a machine of this sort in the future to walk them through every day? What do you think? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post to your family and friends too!

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College Student Builds His Own Tiny House So He Can Graduate Debt-Free

The college student will save at least $19,200 worth of rent for two years thanks to his clever plan.

Ann Moises



Student loans help thousands of students get through college by taking care of their tuition, books, and living expenses. Although the interest rates are substantially lower compared to other loans, sometimes ordinary students still find it difficult to pay their debts.

But this 25-year-old design major named Joel Weber was able to figure out a way to graduate from college debt-free, thanks to his ingenious plan and talent.

Instead of renting an apartment or sharing a room at an on-campus dorm, he will return to the University of Austin this fall with his very own  145-square-foot house. Weber, an incoming junior student, calculated that he will at least save $19,200 worth of rent while he finishes school.

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