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Watch this 400-Pound Grizzly Bear have Fun ‘Cannonballing’ to Beat the Summer Heat

This is absolute cuteness!


Bruiser the Bear will definitely brighten up your summer days. Apparently, the 400-pound Syrian Brown Bear couldn’t take the heat of the summer so he decided to take a dip in a pool in Florida. The result: absolute cuteness!

In the YouTube video, Bruiser was seen taking the plunge to cool off. Like a little kid having the best day of his life, Bruiser happily climbed the ladder and did some belly flops. Bruiser was even spotted greeting the cameraman before he creates another huge splash.

The 18-month-old bear is under the custody of Single Vision, a wildlife sanctuary in Melrose, Florida.  The organization aims to educate the public about endangered wildlife and relies on sponsors and donations.

“For Single Vision, the purpose is not to just provide a home for the beautiful exotic species that we house, but meet the animals physical and psychological needs by enriching their lives with daily inter-species play and human interaction outside their daily enclosure,” the organization explained on its YouTube page.

See the adorable moment below.

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Source: The Mirror UK


Nikon’s Point and Shoot Camera’s Impressive Zoom Captures the Movement of the Moon!

Who says you need a telescope to see the moon in detail?


Even if the moon is  238,900 miles away from our planet, a simple point and shoot Nikon camera allows you see it in detail.

German photographer and nature-lover Lothar Lenz was able to capture the rotation of the moon using nothing but a point and shoot camera. Nikon’s Coolpix P900 has an 83x optical zoom lens that allows the device to document the moon’s movement, which is an illusion caused by the Earth’s rotation.

Launched in March this year, the Nikon P900 camera has a powerful zoom that reaches up to 166x. Dubbed as the “Dynamic Fine Feature,” the camera’s amazing ability allowed Lenz to capture more detailed features of the Earth’s satellite. Even the moon’s craters can be seen in detail in the stunning footage that has gone viral.

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He Builds a Luxurious Doghouse for His Pets and Its More Hi-Tech Than You Can Imagine!

Do you want one for your dog?


Some dogs are just too lucky!

Dogs being treated to luxury services such as spa, pedicure, and boarding accommodations is nothing new for some lavish dog owners. But a one-of-a-kind doghouse fully equipped with techie gadgets is definitely something that will catch your attention.

The smart invention has everything you wouldn’t expect from a simple doghouse. To start off, the roof is made of solar panels to provide energy for all the gadgets that will be used in the doghouse.

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This Running Alarm Clock Will Surely Wake You Up!

This running alarm clock will force you to stand up.

You know the struggle.

You have to wake up early for work or for school the next day. But deep inside you know that’s not going to be an easy task, since, for various reasons, you have the tendency to stay up late.

So you try using an alarm clock.

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