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4 Major Signs A Marriage Won’t Last Revealed By The Wedding Planners Themselves

Wedding planners are not only skillful in setting up wedding events. Apparently, they are also keen at looking for signs whether they’re planning weddings that will last or not.

When we attend weddings, we hope that the romance between the couple lasts forever as they vowed to keep in front of anyone during the ceremony. But in reality, life isn’t always about roses, chocolates, and dates. Sadly, there are relationships that don’t last in love, and apparently, you can see clear signs whether a marriage is about to go on a lifetime or sometimes as early as the wedding!

While wedding planners are the prime witnesses on how lovers put in an effort to make their big day really special, they are also, oddly, the first ones to determine if a marriage would last or not. So while it’s funny how wedding planners are one of the first people to fix your union, they share the following signs they usually notice that tells them their clients are marrying the wrong person.

How will you know if your marriage will last or not?

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For sure, you hope that your expensive wedding won’t go to waste, but let us look for red flags on your special day itself, shared by wedding planners.

#1. Getting Drunk Even Before The Ceremony Starts

Be careful not to give the wrong idea to your partner by drinking too much on your wedding day.

Wedding planner Kayla McCaul from Oregon warns marrying couples to watch out on their liquor appetite during their wedding. She shared her belief, writing:

“Pacing yourself on your wedding is key, but if you find yourself or your partner throwing back the cocktails before the ceremony begins, you may want to ask yourself, what is happening here?”

Getting drunk, according to wedding planners, make it look like you have to endure a lifetime trouble and deal with a big sh*t.

When you come to think of it, getting wasted even before you meet your pair down the aisle might be a sign that something is troubling the couple. Taking a sip or two of wine to relieve the anxiousness is definitely fine, but when you are too tipsy to even walk to meet your partner is a totally different story. It’s no longer a way to stop the nervousness but a way to escape from the reality that you might be making a mistake in saying “I do.”

#2. Never embarrass your partner publicly.

Whether you are making a joke or not, you should always protect the dignity your partner.

Making Your Partner a Laughing Stock During the Event

Weddings are supposed to be a couple’s perfect moment. Perfect like zero embarrassing moments at that. But when your partner starts embarrassing you in front of everyone, then expect to get the same treatment for the rest of your relationship.

A Reddit user that goes by the name MexicanAlemundo, wrote about a pretty bad moment he witnessed at a wedding they planned. The story involved the wedding cake and what was written on it.

This bride exempted herself to the rule and she’s probably unaware that she’s already embarrassing her husband.

The couple was just starting their lives together, but the bride already made it clear who among her and her husband is the real “boss,” and she made her point on the cake. First, “The guest count was roughly 100, but this cake could’ve easily served close to 300” was written on the cake, but a more embarrassing note is about to be revealed.

Unlucky guy, the world now knows he will never be the head of the family.

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The cake was designed with three Chinese letterings which, apparently, the groom had no idea what they meant. Asked what those letterings stand for, the bride explained to the crowd:

”They mean ‘Obey, Listen and Loyalty.’ She said she expected these three traits from her husband at all times.”

Just imagine how her husband was flushing red in embarrassment as she just announced how she would make him wag his tail in obedience to her. Unfortunately, it was no joke as the planner testified that the bride was serious with what she said, making it really awkward for everyone who attended to even make a sound while slices of the cake were being served.

#3. Never hurt the feelings of the one you love by making them think that they are not prioritized.

Source: weheartit

I Solemnly Swear That I Won’t Care

Caring is a sign of love. So if you see your partner not giving even an inch of care for you in general, then you are about to do a countdown to the day you are separating.

Weddings can be hectic but disregarding the health concerns of your partner is an issue.

Source: popxo

Wedding planner Emily Reno of the Weddings and Events by Emily shared how she predicted that one of her clients are about to sign divorce papers soon. She shared the story:

“I once worked with one couple where the bride was a vegetarian. But the groom refused to order any vegetarian entrees because there were only a handful of guests who would eat them.”

This man was rude enough to prioritize the guests being full than her vegetarian wife.

Obviously, it is a huge red flag. A lasting relationship should be supplemented not only with love but also with care. Remember what they say about putting your loved ones’ interest first before yours? Clearly, the husband here don’t believe in that and doesn’t mind if his bride is enjoying her supposedly most special day or not. And it’s never impossible that it can be the same in the future.

So if you don’t want your bride to run away from her, take care of her because you are her primary family now.

Source: brides
#4. Don’t let anyone ruin your special day.

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The Antagonist Of All-Time: The Ex!

Another Reddit user that goes by the name AnaphylacticHippo shared how relationships can be wrecked by a returning ex-lover. Even if you say you shouldn’t be threatened by their presence, the deep connection they used to share with your partner can become their sharp sword they could use to strike you.

Most especially not the ex!

Make a list of restricted guests and never allow a past lover make a scene.

Source: chillisauce

Exes still lurking around and attending your wedding can be a bad idea. They might go delirious during the ceremony and start making a scene. Just like how AnaphylacticHippo witnessed a wedding almost going into ashes when the ex-fiancée went to gatecrash a wedding and destroyed the reception with one blow. The user wrote:

“The worst I’ve personally witnessed had a groom’s baby mama (and ex-fiance) come to the reception uninvited. She grabbed the wedding cake, chucked it at the newlyweds…”

Once you see these signs, your marriage might be at the risk of coming to an end so be keen and watchful.

So pray that you won’t have to see these signs on your own wedding. Or better yet, try to figure out whether your partner is capable of doing these things even before you think of getting engaged, because hiring a wedding planner to tell you about the red flags in your relationship

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6 Helpful Tips From a Sex Expert To Make The Experience More Enjoyable

Have a remarkable sexual experience with these tips in mind.


Humans have been having sex for millions of years. The drive and the desire to do the act is in our nature and that said, it can be considered as a craft that can be improved with practice and research. The act not only affects people physically but also emotionally and psychologically. While the topic is mostly taboo and some people shun the idea of talking about it, sex should not be treated as such.

Some people can say with confidence that their sex lives are awesome, the same thing cannot be said by other people. Even if sex is natural and is meant to be great and fulfilling, there are those who can’t seem to enjoy the experience. The good thing is that there are sex and relationship experts that can help people who are unlucky in the sex department. Here are six tips from an expert at VT that should make your sexual experience enjoyable, meaningful, and satisfying.

#1. “Normal” sex doesn’t exist.

Sex is enjoyed by you and that means, “normal” doesn’t exist. What you enjoy may not be favored by most of your friends and that’s okay because what matters is that you and your partner are happy with the act. While there are videos that tell people that sex should be done this and that way, you can do things differently if that’s what you and your partner are into.

#2. Communication is important

In any relationship, communication is vital. It’s the same for sex. It’s important to let your partner know what you like and dislike and what makes you feel uncomfortable. There are several ways you can let your partner know what works for you. Commonly, some would subtly dictate their partner with a physical guide. Others would prefer having a serious conversation on the matter.

#3. Women should also orgasm.


It’s common for the man to reach climax when having sex but women can also do the same. Reports have it that women who sleep with men only reach climax 65 percent of the time. On the other hand, women engaging in homosexual sex orgasm 86 percent of the time.

Men, this only means that your woman cannot reach the big O – it’s just that you’re not doing it right and you’re not letting her get to that point. In other words, improve your game.

#4. Pain is unacceptable.

Christian Grey definitely disagrees but generally, sex shouldn’t hurt – except maybe if you like it rough like Mr. Grey. Sex is something that an individual should be satisfied with and it’s something that’s meant to be enjoyable.

Also, one should be in the zone to fully savor the moment. That way, your body should also relax and the experience isn’t unpleasant. However, if you feel pain while doing the deed, you might need to see your doctor.

#5. Distraction is okay.

At some point, you may have felt distracted in the middle of the deed – and that’s totally acceptable. It can be embarrassing to think that you’ve found yourself thinking about other things but that doesn’t mean something’s wrong with your sex life. You just have to practice focusing on the moment, even outside your bedroom. Soon enough, you’ll become more mindful.

#6. Sex doesn’t necessarily mean penetration.

Penetration is not the only way for the act to be called sex, according to VT. There are different ways to get sexual with your partner. If you do the same thing over and over, it can be boring and the experience may not be as enjoyable as it should be. There have been studies showing that couples who have the same sex routine can have lowered sexual drive compared to those who like to spice things up.

With these tips from a sex therapist, you’ll find yourself feeling remarkable with sexual experience like no other. Enjoy the moment!

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Stunning Photographs Reveal Sunken Luxurious Roman City Lost for 1,700 Years

The sunken city of Baiae is like Las Vegas in ancient times.


The ancient city of Baiae in Rome is being compared to Las Vegas, in which it was a blooming area frequented by the nation’s rich and famous personalities. Baiae was once a popular resort where the elites and emperors expend their wealth and enjoy lavish parties. But 1,700 years ago, this grand city lost its vibrancy after nature took a lash at it and made it disappear beneath the waves.

Fast forward to many thousand years later, the site was rediscovered by an expedition team and it was found that most of the statues and mosaics have been beautifully preserved. Italian photographer Antonio Busiello captured stunning images of the old prosperous city, giving people a glimpse of what the luxurious playground was like in ancient Rome.

The sunken city of Baiae is found in the Gulf of Naples, Italy.

Baiae was once a spot frequented by the rich and famous of Ancient Rome.

Personalities like Julius Caesar, Nero, Pompey the Great, Marius, and Hadrian used to visit the city…

Before volcanic activity caused it to retreat below the waters.

Scientists have discovered that the villas in the area were made from the finest white marble.

Much of Baiae was lost to the waves as volcanic activity resulted in the entire city being submerged underwater into the Gulf of Naples of today. In 2014, the south of Naples experienced heavy flooding that caused landslides, which then exposed portions of the old Baiae.

Continuous landslides in 2014 exposed the hidden sunken city.

Recently, divers were allowed to explore the sunken site to take photos.

A team of divers discovered numerous ruins and Roman monuments.

Busiello said diving here is like "a dive into history."

Busiello, who lives in Naples, managed to photograph Baiae and found that mosaics and statues remain well-preserved across centuries. The 45-year-old said that the city was considered as one of Rome’s most important cities.

“The beautiful mosaics, and the villas and temples that have reemerged or are still underwater show the opulence and wealth of this area.It was considered one of the most important Roman cities for centuries. Pliny the Younger used to live here and from here, across the gulf, he witnessed and described the 79 AD eruption of Mount Vesuvius that destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum.”

The gorgeous town once had cobbled streets, statues, mosaics, and spas. Julius Caesar and Emperor Nero’s luxurious villas were found here as well. The site was also a place where temples dedicated to Venus, Diana and Mercury were erected.

Baiae was left untouched for centuries and because of that, it has become a sanctuary for sea creatures.

Pisoni and Protiro villas are visible on site.

Intricate mosaic designs and residential rooms can also be seen.

Divers have also found many treasures still intact.

Historians claim that the city is synonymous to wickedness and luxury.

Following the discovery of the drowned city, scientists from Italy’s University of Calabria and Spanish researcher, Mónica Alvarez de Buergo, worked together to analyze one of Baiae villa’s most valuable elements: the white marble. The team took the plunge to determine the type of material used for the construction of the beautiful villas that remain intact today.

The analyses were published in Applied Surface Science journal and it confirmed that the marble came from quarries in Italy, Turkey, and Greece.

Watch the video below to see the team’s exploration of the sunken city of Baiae.

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Busting The Myth About Female Virginity – Can You Tell A Virgin From A Non-Virgin?

Virginity is said to be a state of mind.


Being a female virgin can be a huge turn-on for some men that they would want their future partners to be someone who hasn’t done the deed yet. For some, ending up with someone who’s still a virgin feels like winning a lottery ticket. But the thing is, no one can really tell if a woman is still a virgin or not just by looking at her.

They say the only way to know if you’re dating a virgin is to see if she bleeds the first time you have sex. That has been the mindset of people for many years but one doctor wants to bust the myth about female virginity.

Bleeding after having sex for the first time doesn’t determine a woman’s virginity.

There is a need to understand about the female hymen to bust the myth.

The hymen is a membrane that covers the vaginal opening.

Source: Sade Adeyina

Relationship and marriage therapist Dr. Oyebade Obalola Jerry writes in a lengthy Facebook post, hoping to provide some education about female virginity, particularly involving the hymen. According to Dr. Jerry, a good understanding of the hymen should put an end to the myth that virgin girls bleed after their first-time sex.

The state of a woman’s hymen doesn’t say anything about her sexual activity.

The hymen wears away with age.

Activities like biking, exercising and horseback riding can also wear away the hymen.

Some women don’t bleed after doing the deed for the first time but that doesn’t mean she’s instantly no longer a virgin. Not all women have hymen as some are born without it. For those who do, the case can vary. The types of hymen can differ from one woman to another, in which some can have thick hymens while others have thin ones.

In 1998, an informal study published in the British Medical Journal and led by Dr. Sara Patterson-Brown found that 63% of women who had sex for the first time reported the absence of bleeding. As Dr. Jerry continued to explain, women who bleed during sex are those that had rough sex partners.

For instance, if the guy forces the girl to have sex with him and penetrates her when she’s not ready, it would likely cause injury to the girl. Bleeding after sex the first time is most likely the result of an injury and not because of a “broken” hymen.

That said, Dr. Jerry intends to let people know the importance of learming more about the hymen because women are being hurt or criticized for not bleeding after sex the first time. There are cases in which women are being divorced or even physically abused because their spouses think they are a disgrace just because they didn’t have “virgin bleeding.” The most important takeaway is that you can’t be “virgin detectives” since there is no way one can assess if a woman is still a virgin or not.

Take these wise words from Scarleteen:

There is NO physical way to determine if someone is a virgin, because virginity is an idea, not a medical or physical condition.

Do you agree that virginity is just a state of mind? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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