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30 Posters That Are So Fake They Are Hilariously True





Posters are meant to inform or educate us of something significant or interesting. These could be about a job vacancy, an announcement, or perhaps a simple warning. Regardless, our attention are easily caught, most especially if they are well-designed. However, not all of those printed materials you see on walls or trees are actually true.

Take for example Jason C. Saenz, a well-known stand-up comedian from Bolivia. He has been going around California, putting up various posters – be it on a vertical surface or posts. The catch here, however, is that these posters are actually fake.

Not only are Saenz’s posters hilarious, they are also placed in the most genius of places. It is as if he knows exactly the kind of poster an area needs. Well, why not take a dive at some of his works. Enjoy!

#1. Right on the spot, yes.

#2. This is probably the kind of exchange we want to see between Trump and Mexico.

#3. You might think the poor kitty cat is hungry by now.

#4. Seriously, why did I not notice this in the first place?

#5. Yup, it makes total sense.

#6. Saenz is definitely not a Trump supporter.

#7. Pun intended, anyone?

#8. The search continues.

#9. You just need a little weirdness in life.

#10. He says he is having trouble sleeping at night.

#11. Again, it is just “One Night Only.”

#12. He just confirmed that the Illuminati are real.

#13. This is for those who are considering a very effective weight loss method.

#14. He needs to put this on Craigslist, though.

#15. You have been warned, mate.

#16. Just a gentle reminder.

#17. Trust me, this will not break your bank.

#18. Stocks are limited, so go buy yourself one.

#19. It is a shame if you find this funny at all.

#20. Legend says he went to the cuckoo side in Iraq.

#21. Such a fine reward for a fine loot.

#22. No one bought it, I think.

#23. Yeah, “save the trees!”

#24. My boy Jeff got you, man.

#25. Just in case you still need a job.

#26. Just the right mix of sweetness and sadness.

#27. And yet Zack Snyder and the gang still wonder why they cannot beat Marvel.

#28. Seriously, this is so true.

#29. Nothing beats the old school.

#30. Let the hunting begin!

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