The 20 Most Gorgeous Trees From Around the World

I have always enjoyed travelling to remote areas and visiting the countryside. I gaze at the blue sky; the mountain ranges; and the clear, turquoise water and it makes me wonder how the world looked before houses and tall edifices replaced the trees and plants in the city. I look around me and imagine a place full of vibrant colours, similar to Robin William’s 1998 movie, “What Dreams May Come.”

Being a nature lover myself, I cannot comprehend living in a place without plants such as trees because they provide us with food, shelter, and oxygen. Moreover, these living things are also beautiful to look at; all over the world, there are various kinds of trees and other plants with captivating shapes, sizes, and colours. In fact, these trees are so astonishing that they look almost unreal.

Here is a list of the 20 most beautiful trees (vines and bushes included) on Earth:

20. A 144-year-old vine called wisteria in Japan.


Photo credit: tungnam


Photo credit: flickr
#19. Baobab trees in Madagascar


Photo credit: confitalsurf
#18. Jacaranda trees in South Africa.


Photo credit: Elizabeth Kendall
#17. Dragon blood trees in Yemen


Photo credit: Csilla Zelko
#16. Cherry trees in Germany


Photo credit: Adas Meliauskas

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