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20 Museum Snapchats That Will Make Art History So Much Fun Again

Check out these historical arts turned into Snapchat memes.


People get crazy over Snapchat nowadays. With its wide array of different filters that can either make its users look pretty, comical, scary or even turn them into dogs or rabbits, it’s really a sought-after app among youngsters and the young-at-heart.

But, what If the Snapchat story is used in our historical paintings? This is what this site did to the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and the likes called, Art History Snap.



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Now We're Good, I'll Give You My Chicks!

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That ... "Not Me, Dah'lin"

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'Cause, There's Always Room for Dessert!

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i kennat

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Art History Snap gives life to these historical paintings, so not everyone who will see it find it boring. In fact, it just made these work of arts more relatable by telling the story of our daily life, particularly for the young netizens.



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A $100-Million Noah’s Ark Life-Size Replica Opened in Kentucky Despite Controversy

A $100 million dollar museum recently opened in Kentucky, USA named Ark Encounter, which showcases the replica of Noah’s Ark. Ken Ham, who was the man behind this gigantic idea of constructing the replica of Noah’s Ark, believes that everything in the Bible should be literally represented. Although it did not garner full support from other people, Ham continued pursuing his idea.

A glimpse of how the Ark looks like


Source: Facebook

There are other sights and activities inside the Ark Encounter, but the main attraction is the timber-framed structure which exhibits the Biblical tale Noah’s Ark and The Great Flood. Found inside the replica are different pairs of animals that were rescued by Noah and his family, including dinosaurs. This historic arc is said to be the largest structure that is made up of timber frames.

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These Aren’t Photos. They’re Hyperrealistc Drawings By Italian Artist Emanuele Dascanio

Whoa! I am officially mind-blown!

At first glance, your mind will instantly tell you that the portraits below are nothing but mere photographs. Upon closer inspection, however, you will realize that you are actually wrong. So damn wrong!

These are, in fact, the hyperrealistic renaissance illustrations of Emanuele Dascanio, an artist from Italy.

According to Dascanio, some of these pieces take up to 780 hours to complete and it’s really easy to see why. The artworks are filled with impressive detail they really look lifelike.

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Guy Creates the Most Badass Armoured Heels Out of His Girlfriend’s Dog-Chewed Shoes

Out of destruction comes a Metallic Masterpiece…

We all know that someone who can see beauty where others only see trash. These creative types can fashion the most incredible works of art from items one usually just throws away.

Take Alan Padziński, for instance. A blacksmith by trade, Alan lives in Przemyśl, Poland with his girlfriend, Jagoda and their toothy dog, Caliph.

Alan and Jagoda.

shoe 1

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