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20 Of The Most Epic Embarrassments Ever Caught on Camera

#7, #8 and #11. What were they even thinking?

Mark Andrew





Because of smartphones and social media, hiding embarrassing moments has become extremely difficult. Just imagine this: you make one tiny mistake and then everyone whips out their phones to take some snaps and then uploads it online for the world to see, making it totally impossible for you to escape the consequences of your blunder.

The feeling must be terrible, right? Well, we can ask the people on the photos below who not only had their errors exposed to their friends but achieved viral fame (or shame?) because of it.

Scroll down below and see the most epic embarrassments caught on camera:

1. Securing a bike.

I really wouldn’t be surprised if the bike goes missing the moment the owner leaves it.

2. Go home, microphone. You’re dru nk!

No wonder her friend looks really happy!

3. When you’re interviewed on TV but your name is…

What were his parents thinking?

4. This aspiring fireman.

You’re doing a good job, buddy if you could just move A LOT closer!

5. Gotta catch the wave, you say?

I do not doubt they dropped lots of F bombs after this. LOL!

6. “I should’ve worn a helmet. Or some knee pads!”

Too late for that realization though.

7. Go refill that tank.

Kids, don’t try this at home.

8. It’s really noisy in here.

Stupid guy!

9. Floor it – like literally!

Their facial expressions make me laugh!

10. Relationship status: single.

Gives new meaning to “phone sex.” Geez!

11. Safety mask.

The hell with breathing!

12. Goat attack.

I swear that animal looks possessed.

13. Playtime, kiddos.

Slide into your doom! (insert maniacal laughter here)

14. Catch, Thor!

He’s going to hate his brother forever.

15. Wedding pictorial gone wrong.

When I said I had a sinking feeling, I didn’t mean it like this.

16. The mighty Explorer.

It’s going to be a slow day.

17. This poster that obviously doesn’t practice what it preaches.

Seriously? How hard could it be to use a smaller font?

18. This bootleg toy set from China.

No pun intended but I’m having a 'mixed' feeling about this superhero team.

19. Who wants to be a millionaire?

Definitely not her!

20. Now on sale.

Talk about deceptive marketing.

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