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Hairy and Wild: Look at These 20 Crazy Beards and Mustaches!





There are a lot of men who take great pride in their facial hair. They spend a lot of time grooming their mustaches and beards. To them, maintaining a certain look is a priority.

In fact, there are a number of men who have used their facial hair as a medium for self-expression. While there are those who have impressive and elegant-looking mustaches and beards, there are also those whose facial hair styles trigger laughter or shock.

Here are 20 of the craziest facial hair styles that we spotted online:

A spider would be happy to crawl here.

Source: Josh Black
2. It’s the last place you expect to see a windmill.

Source: Racked
3. This looks like it could hurt you.

Source: Incredibeard
4. He turned his beard into a bird cage.

5. Is his beard alive and attempting to strangle him?

6. It’s reportedly “the worst Pac-Man facial hair ever.”

Source: Uber Humor
7. Batman would either be proud or die laughing.

8. One word: Why!?

Source: Beard Style
9. You have to stand back to appreciate the full effect.

10. The 50-50 beard is already bad enough.

11. It’s called the “Monkeytail Beard.”

Source: Geekologie
12. We wonder how he made his beard so stiff.

13. It gets points for the practical design.

14. Is he growing a basket on his face?

15. His devotion to the Man of Steel is extraordinary.

Source: Neatorama
16. This dude cornered all the colors!

17. They’re called “Beard Bangs.”

Source: Beard Styles
18. It’s neat enough, but it’s just not right.

Source: EnterTrain
19. He thinks it’s cute, but he only looks sick.

20. Clearly, he’s hooked on his mustache.

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