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15 of the Most Hilarious Parenting Tweets You Will Ever Read





Twitter has provided us with thousands of entertaining tweets this past year. Among these hilarious tweets are those made by parents who showed us the funny side of parenting. From wifi passwords to invading one’s personal space, these parents knew how to troll their kids. But some kids sure knew how to fire back!
Check out this compilation of some of the most entertaining parenting tweets on Twitter:

1. Don’t mess with the one who holds the password.

2. On personal space.

Source: _Mo_lee_
3. The kid’s got a point.

Source: Playing_Dad
4. Find the Death Star

5. Daddy, why won’t you learn?

6. Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

Source: ericsshadow
7. How To Scare Your Mother

Source: maughammom
8. They just felt like it.

9. It’s kind of a habit, Dad.

10. Hey, Dad. Got you there, didn’t I?

11. Maybe the kids watched too much CSI.

12. That hurts, Dad.

Source: JimGaffigan
13. This kid grew up fast!

Source: rcromwell4
14. Don’t know if it’s sweet or what.

15. It’s all about prioritization.

Source: lunchboxdad


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