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12 Stupid News Headlines That Are Totally Facepalm-Worthy





With all the bad news we’re getting everyday, reading the news can usually be an unpleasant experience. This is exactly the reason why I have avoided making it a morning habit. I do not want to feel stressed out early in the day so I just try to catch up at a different time.

There are instances, however, when reading the headline alone can be enough to give you a headache. Sometimes you couldn’t help but do a double take just to make sure that you read something right.

Apologies in advance, dear reader, but if you will check out the headline pictures we’ve compiled below, then you’ll likely get a migraine attack. Or you’ll probably die laughing with how dumb and hilarious they actually are.

Scroll down and see for yourself:

#1. This burning news:

stupid-news-headlines 1

Photo credit: Imgur
#2. This recent study:

stupid-news-headlines 2

Photo credit: We Know Memes
#3. This brilliant observation:

stupid-news-headlines 3

Photo credit: Twitter
#4. This useless question:

stupid-news-headlines 4

Photo credit: HuffPost
#5. This public safety advisory:

stupid-news-headlines 5

Photo credit: MyPointless
#6. This lost-for-words introduction:

stupid-news-headlines 6

Photo credit: Robert Stevenson
#7. This unbelievable discovery:

stupid-news-headlines 7

Photo credit: Web of Funny
#8. This indisputable conclusion:

stupid-news-headlines 8

Photo credit: LadBible
#9. This disastrous grammar:

stupid-news-headlines 9

Photo credit: My Pointless
#10. This double murder report:

stupid-news-headlines 10

Photo credit: Imgur
#11. This startling finding:

stupid-news-headlines 11

Photo credit: Silent Moose
#12. Well, who would’ve guessed?

stupid-news-headlines 12

Photo credit: WAFF

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