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10 Funny and Unique Christmas Cards To Send this Holiday Season

Don’t know what to send for this holiday? Why not try these funny Christmas Cards!


With only a few more days before Christmas rounds up the corner, you might be scrambling what to send your friends and loved ones. If you are pressed for time to buy gifts, or make DIYs, you’d be pleased to know that well-meaning Christmas cards can always do the trick!

The good news here, of course, is that you don’t have to send Christmas Cards that have the same old, boring messages.

We have rounded up a list of some funny and unique Christmas Card messages and designs, as well as where to buy them. The good part, they’re all available online so that saves you from the hassle of Christmas shopping!

Just click the sources under the pictures to redirect to the page where you can buy them! Aren’t we awesome here at EliteReaders or what! 😉

#1. If there’s someone who doesn’t like Christmas, maybe it’s Gingerbread Men!

Source: Zazzle

Buy this at for 3.40 USD per card!

#2. Jesus did not choose the thug life, the thug life chose Jesus

Make sure you don’t send this to traditionals though, they might get affronted 😛

#3. For the friend who loves to get wasted on Christmas – just like these elves!

#4. The perfect Christmas card for that friend who loves dogs… and Hawaii!

Source: Zazzle

Available at Zazzle for only 3.15 USD

#5. For those who are a mix of naughty and nice… we don’t know where they will end up in Santa’s list!

Source: Zazzle

0.88$ postcard! What a steal!

#6. I’m sure the old cat ladies will relate with these Christmas cards!

#7. For that ever politically-correct friend or the programmer / geek 😛

Source: Zazzle

Codes and different holiday greetings? Perfect!

#8. For the friend who is anti-feminist 😛

Or maybe for the friend who defies gender stereotypes! It’s okay for men to cry!

#9. For that perv who makes the mistletoe tradition an excuse to go on a kissing spree

Hopefully they get the hint right?

#10. Admit it, most of us forgets the third gift. Good thing Frank is out to remind us!

Source: Zazzle

These cards are loads of fun right? So why not spread some more holiday cheer and a few laughs with these funny and unique Christmas cards?

Happy Holidays from all of us here at EliteReaders!


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