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Touch This Assassin Caterpillar And You Will Bleed to Death

The bad news? There’s no antidote for its poison yet.


So caterpillars are generally crawly, harmless creatures that you can easily ignore, right? Well, not THIS caterpillar. Found primarily in Brazil and with a body covered with what looks like miniature trees, the Lonomia obliqua can actually make a person bleed to death just through contact. It’s not called the “assassin caterpillar” for nothing.

Each of the spiky branches on this caterpillar’s body is coated with deadly venom that enters a person’s bloodstream and can cause excessive clotting.

Good news is that brushing against just one of these caterpillars is pretty harmless. Bad news is that they usually gather in bunches and this is when the real danger begins. When you brush against a bunch of them and their poison enters your bloodstream, that’s when internal bleeding will most likely occur.

Worse, most people who brush against these creatures will have no idea of its occurrence, so they can get sick and still have no clue why until it’s too late.

Symptoms include bruising, swelling, pain, headache, and vomiting. After a day or two, a person will run out of blood platelets, which will eventually lead to death. The bleeding is all internal since there are no exterior wounds in the body. Research is still ongoing to find an antidote to this fatal poison.

Watch this video to know more about the world’s deadliest caterpillar:

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The Manliest Man Ever Dives Into Ocean to Save 400-Pound Bear From Drowning

Possibly one of the greatest animal rescues ever!

Bears are notoriously difficult and temperamental creatures. In the wild, humans are advised to stay clear of them.

Especially when they’re hungry.


Except for one man who risked his life to save a famished, cranky and semi-tranquilized black bear from drowning in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Adorable German Shepherd Has The Best Reaction to the Wolves of Zootopia Movie

When this German Shepherd Dog hears the song of his people, he does what any sensible dog would do and shows his support.

You've all seen Zootopia, right? Unless you're one of those folks who adamantly refuse to watch kids' animated films, you've probably seen this one. After all, it's fun, family-friendly, and still pretty funny even if you're an adult.

Well, it's not just humans who absolutely loved this film. Because this adorable German shepherd just couldn't help himself when he hears the howling wolves. And as shown in the movie, one howl leads to a chain reaction of subsequent doggie howls!

Watch the video here:

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A Husky Helped Rescue a Kitten, and Now They’re The Tightest BFFs

How adorable are these two?

When friendship forms among the unlikeliest of animals, it’s a joy to behold. Here are two species who’ve been portrayed as bitter enemies since forever but apparently, these two didn’t get the memo.

Pet owner Thoa Bui adopted a 3-week-old kitten a year and a half ago. Unfortunately, it was weak, lethargic, limp, and refused to eat. Bui was worried it wouldn’t survive.

So she let the tiny fur ball cuddle with one of her huskies, Lilo.


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