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Woman Loses Key To Her Chastity Belt, Asks Firefighters For Help

The woman feared sexual violence so she wore a chastity belt.


A 60 year old woman walked into a fire station in Italy last week, asking for help to remove her chastity belt because she lost her keys to it. This is according to reports from the local paper Il Messaggero. In the report, it was said that the 60-year old woman asked the fire fighters she needed help opening a padlock.

When the fire fighters from Northern Padua asked where she lived, thinking that she got locked out of her home, she lifted her sweater and showed them the iron chastity belt. The fire fighters then proceeded to help her with taking off the device. They then investigated whether the old woman was a victim of sexual or domestic violence in the past and was made to wear the chastity belt.

The middle-aged woman feared sexual violence so she wore a chastity belt.

The woman however, answered that she was not a victim of domestic violence but in fact wore the belt because she was scared of sexual violence as there were several incidents happening. She further mentioned that she saw these reports in the news outlet TGCOM24. The woman whose name has been withheld because of the Italian privacy law said she went on a desperate search for the keys but that she had lost it. She went to the fire station in the Veneto region to seek help in getting the chastity belt removed.

The middle-aged woman further explained that she decided to wear the chastity belt to also prevent herself from embarking in a sexual relationship apart from fear of being sexually abused that has become rampant in the area.


The use of a chastity belt has been related to the Medieval period, so the fire fighters found it odd that the woman was wearing something that was considered cold and cruel in the modern times.

The woman nor the fire fighters were unavailable to make any further comments about the incident.


This Cheating Girlfriend Experiment Proves That Most Men Are Scumbags

Social Experiment revealed how men would react when a woman in a relationship asked to “hook up”.

Asian viral video creator, Josh Paler Lin teamed up with Lauren Caster and came up with a social experiment on cheating. Lauren plays the part of Josh’ girlfriend as she goes around the city of San Francisco asking guys to hang with her or go out with her, knowing she has a boyfriend.

We were surprised at the reaction of the guys Lauren asked because it says a lot on how people view relationships and cheating these days. These two pranksters upped the ante when Lauren mentioned she was engaged. We found the last guy’s reaction totally insane.

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Woman Has Her Miniskirt Stolen While Walking in China

A guy just stole a miniskirt from a woman while she was walking and this is what happened.

A woman was walking in broad daylight when her miniskirt was stolen by a man people are saying could be a pervert. The girl was in a short skirt and heels with a hand bag on her left shoulder. In the 40-second video, the guy could be seen trailing the woman.

The video showed the guy holding a mobile phone, walking at a fast pace while looking over his shoulder from time to time. In just a matter of a few seconds, the guy ran behind the woman, crouches down, pushes the girl to the floor and pulls off her skirt straight down to her ankles.

People saw what had happened but did not bother to help the girl or catch the skirt thief.


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Guy Buys Cheap Hoverboard Online. It Explodes Before He Can Use It!

Exploding hoverboard caught on video!

Although hoverboards have become very popular as of late, many people still reject its name because they have wheels and, you know, they do not hover at all – pretty much unlike what Marty McFly used in the Back to the Future movies.

A bigger issue about these hoverboards, however, is that several news reports have confirmed that some of these two-wheeled boards explode.

Besides, some enterprising manufacturers (mostly from China) created their own low-cost versions and sold them to the public for a much cheaper price. What’s the catch here, you ask? Well, the products are obviously substandard and so user safety can be a problem.

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