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Lyka A New Social Media App Where Users Earn ‘Gems’ For Using Its Platform




  • A new social media app, called the Lyka app, has been blazing its trail in the digital community.
  • It works like any other social media platform, and allow posting and sharing contents, as well as gathering followers and engaging with them.
  • The only difference is, on the Lyka app, users get “paid” for every actions including posting, sharing, and rating contents.
  • The payment is in the form of GEMS which can be used for shopping or exchanged for cash.
  • Though it is still in its beta phase and can still improve as it enters the Southeast Asia markets, the Lyka app is already believed to be “the future of social media.”

An innovative new application called Lyka has been gaining traction alongside other social media platforms – like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok – by compensating users for their data, photos, videos, ratings, and time, earning it the title of the “Social Wallet that Pays for Passion.”

Lyka’s CEO, Ryan Baird, said that the app was developed for businesses and individuals, but with the startup and technology space in mind. “Lyka can help both individuals and businesses. With Lyka, mom, and pop stores to mammoth conglomerates can engage influencers or users to promote their products and services. In turn, the users can get paid instantly by the clients by sending Lyka Gems to their e-wallets.”

What is Lyka app?

Lyka is an app created by the Things I Like Company Limited, a Silicon Valley and Hong Kong-based company. It functions much like the other social media platforms, allowing users to share their interests by posting. Like other social media platforms, this new digital community allows unlimited content-sharing. However, Lyka takes the content-sharing system to a whole new level by providing compensation for otherwise free content for its users. The compensation comes as GEMS (Gift card in Electronic Mode) and is earned as Lyka users engage with each other.

As it takes over Southeast Asia, Lyka opens up a game-changing opportunity for anybody to become an “influencer” and bridge the gap between merchants and consumers like a regular brand ambassador. Baird calls it “the future of social media.”

How to Earn Lyka GEMS?

Lyka as an app is available to everyone for usage and for earning. Engaging and rating content allow creators to earn, though the earnings level may vary depending on the ratings each shared content receives.

Each action taken on the app has an equivalent value. From the time a user signs up, the “payments” also start coming in. Signing up earns a user 5 GEMS. Posting photos, rating photos, and even account verification all have an equivalent value in GEMS. The GEMS can also be used in certain establishments, for cashless payments, or exchanged for cash.

Uploading photos and videos and Lyka Moments, with a maximum of 10 per day, earn a user 0.05 GEMS apiece. Ratings have equivalent value as well. Rating others post, for a maximum of 10 per day, is paid 0.02 GEMS, whereas receiving a rating on one’s post is valued from 0.01 to 0.05 GEMS. Reposted posts also generate 0.05 GEMS. Note that each user can use up to 200 GEMS per day to rate other users’ posts.

Lyka users also recommend following and engaging with Ryan Baird on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Lyka as he is known to give out $10, $88, $100, $888, $8,888, or $10,000 for comments and content he likes.

Users can also sell their earned Lyka GEMS to the company, though it requires a minimum of 3000 GEMS and a 5% Transaction fee to withdraw. The payment mode requires a Bank Swift Code and a bank account.

The future of Lyka

As of writing, the Lyka app is still in its beta phase, so users can expect problems. As it penetrates the Southeast Asia market, Baird hopes that the app will allow everyone “to pursue his or her passion.”

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