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The Real Reason Why Wedding Rings Are On Our Fourth Finger

We put the wedding ring in our partner’s fourth finger as we recite our wedding vows, but why on the fourth finger?


Do you know why the wedding ring is placed on the fourth finger? Did you ever wonder why you recite your vows while putting the ring to your partner? Marriage is a full time commitment and a lifetime journey; that’s why we say our promises to each other, to hold on to these in good and bad times. When you enter marriage, you have a lifetime responsibility to fulfill to your spouse and to your future children.

One of the most important things we buy for our wedding day is our wedding bands. This symbolizes our marriage, when we see someone wearing a ring on their fourth finger; we quickly assume that they are married.

Many couples invest for their wedding rings, some people have their names or short messages engraved on it as it’s a great reminder of their wedding vows.

We put our wedding rings on the fourth finger of our partner as we recite our wedding vows.

We put our wedding rings on the fourth finger of our partner as we recite our wedding vows.

The video clip below explains why your wedding ring is placed on the fourth finger. Perhaps you might be thinking that the reason we place our wedding rings on our fourth finger is because it is the “vein of love.” Many people believe that the veins in our fourth fingers go directly to the heart, but the truth is all the fingers in the hand have the same vein formation.

Watch and Find Out Why Wedding Rings are Placed on the Fourth Finger:

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This video clearly explains that marriage is a lifetime commitment that husbands and wives are meant to stay together forever. In our marriage vows we always say, “Until death do us part”, because it’s a promise that we will hold on until the last breath.

Our parents will perish when they get old, siblings will have their own families, and your kids will pursue their passion and build their own families in the future. All of them will leave, except for you lifetime partner.

So husbands and wives, love each other because you started a lifetime journey together and together you will reach the finish line happily and successfully.


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