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Daredevils Scale Unfinished Skyscraper Without Ropes to Take Breathtaking Selfie





Are you willing to free-climb thousands of feet up into the sky without ropes for the perfect selfie? These guys did.

Unafraid of falling thousands of feet to their deaths, two daring young men climbed a 115-storey skyscraper to take the selfie of their lives.

If you enjoy taking selfies and aren’t afraid of heights, then you will enjoy the antics of these two young Eastern European photographers who will do anything for the perfect selfie, including clamber up the bare bones of a 2,165-foot (660 meters) unfinished skyscraper, without ropes, to take the most incredible view from thousands of feet up in the air.

On the way up

0910 on the roofs 1

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Vitaliy Raskalov, 21 from the Ukraine, and Vadim Madhorov, 25, from Russia combine their love of photography, free-climbing, and heights in their project they’ve titled, On The Roofs, which has them climbing to the very tops of the world’s tallest structures to take the perfect picture.

Unequipped with ropes or safety harnesses, and taking nothing with them except a camera, a selfie stick, and an apparent absence of fear, Vitaliy and Vadim clambered to the top of the Shenzhen Finance Center in China.

Steel girders blocking the view, need to go higher

0910 on the roofs 2

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Because the construction crew and the guards had prohibited them from ascending the steel beams and girders of the skyscraper, the two rebels picked the most conspicuous time to make their ascent – Chinese New Year, when the whole of China was busy celebrating. They even picked a lock to get there.

The climb took them a total of 18 hours, and to save time, they did away with sleep in their quest to reach the top.

Sleep-deprived, wind-buffeted, and chilled to the bone, Vitaliy and Vadim finally made it to their destination to shoot the most awe-inspiring, belly-bottoming, goosebump-inducing images they shared to the whole world on their site, On The Roofs.

Dangling at the top of the world

0910 on the roofs 3

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It isn’t the first towering structure they have climbed, either. The two have conquered skyscrapers and tower in Japan, Chicago, California, New York, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Cairo, Israel, and more.

Watch the video here:

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How about you? How high would you go for a selfie?

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