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U.S. Confirms More Than 20,000 New COVID-19 Cases A Day

The country’s battle against coronavirus is still far from over…

  • The United States has received over 20,000 new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus each day.
  • The New York Times reported that the increase in daily average is due to two major things; 1) the reopening of some businesses; and 2) the large-scale protests.
  • In addition, the new cases are due to increased efforts of mass testing in the country.

A John Hopkins University’s tally reported that the United States received about 20,000 reported COVID-19 cases everyday. Although the overall number is noticeably lower than the number of patients acquiring the disease each day in April, the daily figures continue to remain a source of worry for many.

The New York Times said the “slight increase” of case on daily average is due to three main factors namely the increased efforts of the government to conduct mass testing, the reopening of businesses after lifting restrictions and people conducting large-scale protests around the country.

According to the New York Times database, more states in the U.S. received an increase in new coronavirus cases over the past weeks. 18 states have monitored a rise in its COVID-19 cases over the said period. Meanwhile, 17 states tallied the same figure of new cases, and 15 had a decreasing trend.

Nationwide, the figures of deaths recorded on a daily average fell to less than half compared to April. However, the daily death figures remained at an average of 938 over the past week.

As of posting, John Hopkins also recorded a total of 1,851,520 cases of the novel coronavirus with a total of 107,175 patients dying from the disease.

“(The number of deaths) in the United States, (is) more than any other nation in the world,” The New York Times stated.

A shift in COVID-19 trend in other U.S. states.

This week, New York, the hardest hit state of the pandemic, reported the lowest number of coronavirus death since March. Last week, it received 42 additional deaths.

Los Angeles, where large-scale protests are currently happening, received an increased death toll in recent days.

On the other hand, Arizona surpassed 1,000 deaths this week. Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, received a “steady” rise in new COVID-19 cases with a total of 22,818 coronavirus cases in the said state.

Texas, the first state to lift restrictions, tallied the highest COVID-19 cases with 1,784. Dallas County also reported 235 new virus cases, the new highest figures since March. Texas has 71,330 cases and 1,793 deaths.

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COVID-19 Patients With High Blood Pressure Have Double The Risk of Dying, Study Says

“Nearly half of the patients who died had high blood pressure,” according to researchers.

  • A group of international researchers are warning that coronavirus patients with high blood pressure are twice more likely to die compared with others.
  • Apparently, about 30% of 2,866 Covid-19 patients in Wuhan died having the condition.

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New Zealand Now Has ZERO Coronavirus Cases, Will Soon End Lockdown And Lift Restrictions

No active cases for 17 straight days.

  • New Zealand has no coronavirus cases for 17 straight days.
  • Public transport, hospitality, weddings, and funerals are to resume without any restrictions soon.
  • Others, however, fear that risks will increase as incoming travelers come in and as winter season sets in.

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Former WHO Director Believes COVID-19 May “Burn Out Naturally”

We might not need a vaccine after all, says Prof. Karol Sikora.

  • Former World Health Organization director of Cancer Program Professor Karol Sikora has said that the coronavirus may soon "burn out" before a vaccine is ever developed.
  • His tweet has attracted mixed reactions but he still continues to point out it is a "feasible scenario."

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