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They Asked Her to Attend a Friend’s Bridal Pictorial. What Happened Next? OMG, UNEXPECTED!





All of us dream about finding the right person to share the rest of our lives with. Someone to fall head-over-heels in love with and feels the same way too. This is what Christina McGinnis and Brian Green found in each other prior to their engagement in 2013. But, one thing stops them from walking down the aisle to happy ever after.

What is it? The struggle to plan and prepare for their formal union is not a piece of a wedding cake. Wedding plans are expensive, exhaustive and frustrating. There were a lot of things that came in their way affecting their actual lives including complications and expenses.

According to Brian in his interview with news station WXIA, these considerations removed the excitement and purpose of being married. “The wedding is just the ceremony. The marriage is what’s important,” Brian explained. So he thought it would be better to focus on the marriage rather than deal with the nitty-gritty of the ceremony.

So to get off from the frustrations and delays, Brian forgoes with the usual plans but decided to execute it in a grandest, most romantic gesture he could present. In connivance with Christina’s friends, family and loved ones, Brian arranged a bridal photo shoot at a local mall for Christina. Without a slightest idea of what will happen, Christina thought she is just helping a friend when she agreed to attend the photo shoot.

At the mall, Christina was dressed in a wedding gown with all her make-up and hair professionally done. She was led by the accomplice (a friend) who acted as if he was calling the photographer telling him they are approaching the venue. However, Christina’s friend was actually calling her fiancée who had created a special surprise for the unaware bride.

Watch the video below and see how the groom perfectly execute his plans to surprise the bride who didn’t even have a single clue about what was going to happen.

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Wow! That was really a stunning and romantic flash mob wedding. If you were the bride, would you be happy if your groom surprised you with a flash mob wedding? We would be glad to read your comments below.

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