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18 Awesome Traditional Wedding Outfits from Across the World





Everyone wants to look their very best on the day they tie the knot with their spouse. Besides, the wedding is one of the most significant milestones for a couple’s relationship and so it’s important that you arrive well-dressed and fabulous for the occasion.

In many places across the world, however, a wedding attire doesn’t always mean a gown for the bride and a black suit for the groom. As you can see in this compilation by BrightSide, wedding outfits can vary in color and style, depending on an area’s culture and tradition. It’s actually really very festive, vibrant, and lovely at the same time.

Go check out the amazing Instagram wedding snapshots below:

#1. Japan

Brides usually wear two or more dresses during traditional Japanese wedding ceremonies.

#2. Ghana

Meanwhile in Ghana, traditional weddings are very colorful and the cloth designs differ in color and pattern. This is because each family has their own cloth pattern.

#3. Romania

Although many Romanian couples are going for modern wedding styles nowadays, traditional ceremonies can still be seen in certain areas. Interestingly, each region in Romania has their own wedding outfits.

#4. The Sami, Northern Europe

Source: makiladesign

Traditional Sami dresses will tell you much about the person that wears it. Square buttons, for example, mean that the individual is married while those wearing belts with round buttons are single.

#5. Sri Lanka

Source: aki_amz

Both the bride and groom are rocking eye-catching outfits during a traditional wedding ceremony in Sri Lanka.

#6. India

Source: rani_in_silk

The same can actually be said when it comes to traditional Indian weddings. Grooms and brides look fashionable while wearing their outfits of choice.

#7. Scotland

In Scotland, the groom wears his clan’s kilt and then wraps a shawl of the same color around his bride as a symbolic expression of welcoming her to the family.

#8. Pakistan

As you might notice, Pakistan looks a little similar with Indian culture in terms of traditional wedding outfits. This, of course, is despite the fact that Pakistan is largely known as an Islamic country. Brides have intricate henna patterns drawn on their hands during weddings.

#9. Ethiopia

Source: herbigdayllc

Christianity is the official religion in Ethiopia and so for the most part, the ceremonies borrow influences from Greeks or Russians.

#10. Indonesia

Source: paultenyom

With over 300 ethnic groups and 6 major religions, wedding outfits can distinctly differ from island to island in Indonesia.

#11. Caucasian people

During a traditional Caucasian ceremony, the groom wears the Circassian coat and has a sword to his belt. On the other hand, the bride wears a white dress adorned with national motifs.

#12. China

Source: aqb214

In China, red is usually the preferred traditional wedding clothing since white is often associated with funerals.

#13. Hawaii

In Hawaii, flower garlands are a huge part of traditional weddings and brides usually wear fresh flowers on their head.

#14. Malaysia

Source: photoplays

Malaysian brides love wedding dresses with shades of purple, violet, or cream.

#15. South Korea

Source: hellosonia

South Korean weddings are distinctly colorful because of their detailed traditional attire.

#16. Norway

Source: saimlunde

Wearing bunad, a traditional wedding outfit in Norway, is a part not only of weddings but even christening parties.

#17. Bali, Indonesia

Both the groom and the bride wear golden crowns during a traditional wedding in Bali, Indonesia.

#18. Nigeria

Source: blacknwed

Aside from colorful dresses, brides in Nigeria also wear the Gele, a Nigerian head tie. Grooms, on the other hand, also look fabulous during the ceremony.

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