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Toxic Friends That You Should Try To Avoid If You Want To Be Happy And Successful.





We all have certain friends we considered toxic. We have at least one or two of them at work, in the community, and especially in social networks. And if you already experienced spending time with any of these toxic people, I’m pretty sure you already knew how destructive, exhausting and unproductive they can be.

Just like any toxins, each of us need to limit our exposure in order to protect ourselves. However, the most important steps here is to recognize first whether a person is really toxic or not. Unfortunately, identifying toxic people is kind of difficult as they don’t walk around with a warning label. But there are certain signs to look for.

1. The Whiners


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This type of people are glowing with negativity and can be extremely toxic. They never bring anything positive into conversation or any social gathering. They always complain about every little things, yet they cannot come up with any good alternative plan.

2. The Showoffs


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These are the people who always boasts about themselves with the intention of impressing others. They will constantly try to prove their worth by showing off and trying to make people envious. Unfortunately, this is how you know they are losers who only tried to get attention. People with this kind of behavior are not the type of people you want to keep around because they are worthless.

3. The Leech


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Like a real leech, these are the particular kind of people who will cling tight on you and suck you dry without giving anything in return. A healthy friendship is a two way street. So if you noticed that you’re the only one who constantly do something for the sake of friendship, maybe its time to re-evaluate the situation. Hanging out with them is absolutely frustrating. They only stick around when they need something from you, but as soon as you need something, this person is nowhere in sight.

4. The Sloth


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Laziness is a highly contagious disease. Lazy people influence other people to become lazy. Sure you have a choice, but when you are around with this type of toxic people. The more you hang around with them, the more unproductive you become.

5. The Manipulator


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These are the kind of people who always try to manipulate others purposely or unintentionally. They will use different ways in order to manipulate someone to get whatever they want. They are capable of weaving lies. Seriously, why would you lie to your friend just to get what you want? That’s obviously being selfish. Manipulators are also those people who are very demanding. They will tend to use the friendship for their own good and that can be very toxic in your life. As soon as you stop responding to these kind of people, the better off you will be.

6. The YOLO Believers


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YOLO is an acronym for “You Only Live Once”. Although, it sounds great but it’s actually a dumb excuse to do something stupid. It’s not really a smart idea to stick around with people who will encourage you to do something pointless that could possibly ruin your life forever! These kind of people who got it backward are no different from the likes of Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. Yeah sure, we all live once but that doesn’t mean we should do something pointless to harm ourselves or others. Why not spend our precious time doing something meaningful with a purpose.

7. The Big Talkers


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There’s a huge difference between arrogance and confidence. Confidence inspires and promotes positivity. Arrogance intimidates and creates toxic relationships. People who usually spend their time running their big mouths actually spend less time doing anything else.

8. The Judgementals


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This is perhaps the worst kind of people you want to surround yourself with. If a person can easily judge someone in front of you. Guess what, they can judge you too behind your back. There’s absolutely a big difference between making a judgement and being judgemental. Judgments are objective and based on discernment, while being judgmental is just about criticism. Judgmental people are always quick to jump to conclusions. They are poor listeners and communicators.

9. The Downers


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Everyone of us know someone who is constantly depressed. Those kind of people who always feel bad about themselves, they always complain about how hard their lives and how unfortunate they are. Hey buddy, if your life sucks, stay positive and do something about it. Being depressed won’t solve your problems. Downers are the kind of toxic people you don’t want to stick around unless you want them to bring you down with them.

10. The Non-Dreamers


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If you have dreams, don’t hang around with people who have none. Life is about believing that things will be better. Just like the saying goes, believe you can and you’re halfway there. They are toxic because not only that they have no dreams, they won’t allow you to dream either. They will even try to prove to you that your dreams are nothing but dreams.

11. The Non-Believers


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What’s more toxic than those who have no dreams? Those people who don’t believe they can achieve anything in their lives. They live in a belief that they have no control of their lives. They just go with the flow and never attempts to achieve anything that will eventually change their future. If they don’t believe in themselves, they will surely not believe in you as well.

When a friendship is so toxic that it’s sucking the life and goodness out of you, I think more drastic measures are necessary. Break it off. Just pull the plug. You don’t need these kind of people in your life. Think about it. 🙂

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