Artist Dad Illustrates His 5-Year-Old Daughter’s Sayings – And Its Hilariously Brilliant!

If you are an artist, it is crucial that you are a keen observer. You really need to be on the constant lookout for inspiration and ideas to be effective in your work. Fortunately, there are instances when such moments can come naturally and you won’t even have to force it.

Just take it from Martin and Michelle Bruckner of Omaha, Nebraska, parents of 5-year-old Harper Grace. Both of them work as graphic designers and, one day, Martin suddenly had the idea of drawing their daughter’s funny – and sometimes awkward -sayings.

The result, like we told you in the title above, is hilariously brilliant.

From Harper Grace’s descriptions about her dripping nose to her confetti-like farts to everything else in between, you really couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the innocently witty and funny sayings of this 5-year-old wonder. Combined with her dad’s colorful illustrations, then we get an instant online hit as the artworks are uploaded on their Spaghetti Toes page over at Tumblr.

Check out the photos below and have a good laugh with us:






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