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Artist Dad Illustrates His 5-Year-Old Daughter’s Sayings – And Its Hilariously Brilliant!

This kid is adorably witty! Made me laugh out loud!

Mark Andrew





If you are an artist, it is crucial that you are a keen observer. You really need to be on the constant lookout for inspiration and ideas to be effective in your work. Fortunately, there are instances when such moments can come naturally and you won’t even have to force it.

Just take it from Martin and Michelle Bruckner of Omaha, Nebraska, parents of 5-year-old Harper Grace. Both of them work as graphic designers and, one day, Martin suddenly had the idea of drawing their daughter’s funny – and sometimes awkward -sayings.

The result, like we told you in the title above, is hilariously brilliant.

From Harper Grace’s descriptions about her dripping nose to her confetti-like farts to everything else in between, you really couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the innocently witty and funny sayings of this 5-year-old wonder. Combined with her dad’s colorful illustrations, then we get an instant online hit as the artworks are uploaded on their Spaghetti Toes page over at Tumblr.

Check out the photos below and have a good laugh with us:









































In a Tumblr post, Martin described himself as “100% the luckiest person on the planet that I get to create art to accompany the child’s mind.”

So if you liked what you see, there’s more when you head over at the Spaghettie Toes Tumblr page. The artworks come with a little side commentary there by this cool artist dad.

Additionally, you may also follow their other social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. You can likewise checkout the husband and wife tandem’s Creatureland Studio portfolio at Behance.

For those interested, you can also buy Martin’s latest book entitled ‘I Love You With All My Butt’ at the Workman website.

In the meanwhile, tell us which one is your favorite in the comment section below. Mine would be #40 – it’s not only funny but thought-provoking for sure!


Muslim Artist Inserts Hidden ‘Anti-Christian, Anti-Jewish’ Messages in X-Men

“The implied references are in direct opposition of what the X-Men have stood for,” Marvel Comics said.

Mark Andrew



If you are familiar with the X-Men, then you know it is a fictional comic book team that celebrates diversity and promotes unity. Created in 1963 by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, this supergroup fights for peace and equality between humans and mutants.

In case it still isn’t clear enough for you, the creation of the team was obviously inspired by real social issues experienced by minority groups in the United States such as African Americans, Jews, the LGBT community, and different religious groups, among others.

That’s why it is actually quite ironic that a recent issue of X-Men Gold is currently getting a lot of negative attention because of racism and discrimination.

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Photographer Creates Epic “Outdoor” Scenes Using Unbelievably Realistic Dioramas

I’m officially mind-blown! This guy is extremely good!

Jamie Casadores



We rarely see photographers’ grueling work behind the scenes to capture amazing pictures. It often involves finding the perfect shooting locations and a crew to take charge of the models and lighting effects. Thus, you really can’t expect spending very little in photoshoots.

However, one photographer is changing the name of the game. Vatsal Kataria is a commercial still life photographer who does miniature photography and turns fantasies into reality. His craft allows him to take astounding photos with breath-taking landscapes all in the comfort of his studio. He even shoots mind-blowing locations such as rocky mountains and raging seas without breaking a sweat. The best thing about everything is his photoshoots are all budget-friendly.

Looks like a scene from a movie? Actually, it was all shot in a home studio!

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The Winners of This Year’s Sony World Photography Awards Has Just Been Revealed

Such breathtaking photos!




The annual Sony World Photography Awards is known for showcasing the most breathtaking photos from around the world - and this year is in no way different. In fact, the recently announced winners of this year's competition will definitely leave you in awe.

The world-famous contest has four categories: Professional, which are judged on a body of work; Open, for best single images; Youth, for young photographers aged 12 to 19 years, and; Student Focus, which is open to those who are studying photography. Winners of each category will be awarded prizes including cash, Sony digital imaging equipment, and the opportunity to have their work displayed in an exhibition. This year, the photo exhibition for the winners will take place in London, United Kingdom.

Aside from the winners for each category, the National Awards also featured one photo among all the entries from each participating country. Each photo has a profound meaning, has depth, and exudes its own charm - a certain appeal that will captivate those who will set their eyes on it.

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