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What Your Snot Says About Your Health

It’s gross but it can tell you a lot about your health condition.

There are a couple of reasons why it is important to find the right symptoms, and one of these is being able to determine a diagnosis. This is especially true with cold and flu. Apparently, both your snot and boogers can help you understand which condition you have. Whether they are sticky, clear, or stinky, it is all about the color and viscosity.

By simply examining them, you can tell what is wrong with your health. Below are 9 different types of snot and boogers and what they say about your health.

#1. Clear and Runny

If your nasal mucus is both clear and runny, then rejoice. That is because it means you are healthy. This type of mucus is, in fact, helpful to you as it rids of pollutants and dust. Moreover, it contains antibodies and proteins that fight bacteria and viruses.

#2. Clear and Thick

Also known as the snot, this is believed to be a sign of a chronic allergy. Not only does it clog up your nose, it is also capable of giving your swollen nasal tissues. Your best move here is to seek medical attention.

#3. White

This one here is very common when you have colds. The white color is actually due to the loss of moisture inside your nose, making the mucus either white or cloudy in color.

#4. Yellow

If you have this one, it is better for you to drink lots of liquids and get some rest. It is a definite sign of the common cold. The color is due to the dead white blood cells that are fighting the virus. And once they are done with the job, they eventually get into your mucus.

#5. Green

Green boogers are allies in fighting the common cold. It is an indicator that your system is doing the right job of getting rid of the infection. However, if this symptom lasts longer than 8 to 10 days, then it is time for you to visit a doctor. There is a possibility that you have a bacterial infection.

#6. Pink or Red

Having a pink color is not really good. It means that you either have been injured or you have been blowing your nose quite hard. Either way, it is recommended to seek medical attention. There are also cases in which the blood flow does not stop, and this is something that is life-threatening.

#7. Brown

Color brown snot only appears when old blood finds its way into your system and dries out. It could also be possible that you just inhaled dirt which rarely happens.

#8. Almost Black

Unless you smoke marijuana or cigarettes, almost black snot may refer to a fungal infection in your system. This is where you really have to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

#9, Sticky, Stinky, and Discolored

Having sticky, stinky, and discolored snot is a sign of chronic sinusitis. Mucus production increases due to the nonstop swelling in your nasal/throat tissues. It is ideal to see an ENT doctor, particularly when either antibiotics or treatments fail to work.


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