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Snoozeless Rug Alarm Clock Won’t Stop Until You Get Out Of Bed And Step On It





We all go through it every single day of our lives. Snoozing our alarm clocks several times until we’re perpetually late for work or school because the bed is just too cozy to get up from. Unless of course, you happen to be a morning person, then hitting the snooze button is something that you’re familiar with.

Designed by Winston Tam and a team of very enterprising entrepreneurs from Vancouver, Canada and Hong Kong, this very special mat will make sure you get up and never be late ever again.

Ruggie alarm clock has no snooze button.

Ruggie alarm clock has no snooze button.

Dubbed as the “Ruggie”, this snoozeless alarm clock is pressure sensitive and forces you to get out of bed. Ruggie has no snooze option and requires that you stand on it with both feet. Using your hands will not work because it was designed not to be fooled by over sleepers. Tam and his team decided to invent the snoozeless rug alarm clock because of their own experiences. They kept over snoozing that they had a hard time being productive in the morning.

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The way Ruggie works is very simple. You just need to step on it with both feet for around three seconds and the alarm stops on its own. Using your hands or just one foot won’t fool the rug alarm clock so you have no choice really, but to get up from bed and stand on it for it to stop alarming. It will be available for USD 59 at kickstarter and then at around USD 99 when it is launched. The Ruggie is actually a good personal investment, so you might want to get one for yourself and see if it doesn’t force you to get up from bed in the morning.

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