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There’s A Crazy Theme Park In Romania Built 400-ft Underground





No matter how exciting a theme park is, you’ll probably get bored with it if you’ve already visited it multiple times. That’s why theme park owners are always trying to come up with new ideas to entice more people t their business.

Well, we’ve got to give the most creative award to Romania for this fresh concept that none of us have ever heard before.

A new theme park has opened in the country and it is located 400 feet underground. What’s more interesting about it is that it is built on one of the world’s oldest salt mines.

Salina Turda is a unique theme park located 400 feet below the ground in Turda, Romania.

underground theme park salina turda 2

Source: via Unilad

As you can see on the images below, Turda, Romania’s Salina Turda is absolutely not for the faint of heart. The park looks inspired by sci-fi plus because of how it blends futuristic design elements with the natural environment . Also, merely getting there is a thrill in itself since you have to use a labyrinth of elevators and stairs.

The underground attraction features a boating lake, bowling alley, Ferris wheel, and many others.

underground theme park salina turda 3

Source: via Unilad

Salina Turda has a boating lake, a bowling alley, a Ferris wheel, a mini golf, and an ampitheatre. According to reports, the underground spot is visited by about 600,000 people every year.

Built in an old salt mine, the theme park attracts about 600,000 visitors a year.

underground theme park salina turda 4

Source: via Unilad

Tudor Bodea, head of tourism services for Salina Turda, shared:

“The salt mine is a unique tourist attraction, for it’s located deep underground. It’s interesting history and the fact that in just two years a common salt mine was totally converted into an underground world brings joy and fascination to many visitors every year.”

During World War II, the salt mine was used as a shelter for alternative medicine, bomb, and cheese.

Watch this video feature here:

If you’re in Romania or are at least willing to make the trip there, Salina Turda should definitely be on the top of your list.

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