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Japanese Cosplayer Hits Viral Fame Because of Her Massive Thighs!

This is why you should never skip leg day.

As any experienced cosplayer will tell you, a good cosplay takes more than just wearing a nice costume. AOn top of that, you likewise have to look the part and capture the personality of the character.

For these reasons and more, one female wrestler from Japan recently gained viral fame on social media because of her brilliant portrayal of Chun-Li – a character from popular video game series Street Fighter.

She looks like the perfect embodiment of Chun-Li.

Professional wrestler and fitness trainer Reika Saiki is definitely showing us all the importance of hitting the gym – and, yes, not skipping leg day.

Just look at those impressive thighs!

Rocking the iconic blue costume, Saiki displays her beautiful but undoubtedly powerful thighs. It’s obvious she has invested a lot of time and work to achieve such a body.

Although she doesn’t have Chun-Li’s spiky bracelets, you will notice she instead uses a 1kg weight strapped on her wrists.

Saiki, 23, works as a model with WRESTLE-1, a pro wrestling organization in Japan.

Since her cosplay photos went viral, Saiki has been featured by various websites such as 9GAG, LadBible, and many others.

Both her Instagram and Twitter accounts show us Saiki definitely loves working out all the time.

More than just a pretty face – she’s actually very strong!

Come to think of it, it’s really quite appropriate for someone who’s cosplaying Chun-Li. Besides, the fictional character’s victory quote goes “I’m the strongest woman in the world”.

She’s got tens of thousands of fans on social media.

In case you’re interested to follow her, you can check her out over at Instagram and Twitter.

Now watch this video and see her arm-wrestle with a guy:

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97-Year-Old Grandma Still Rocking It At Weightlifting Competitions

So what’s your excuse now?

Staying physically fit is important both for the young and old. And it’s always inspiring whenever we hear stories about seniors who still take the time and do their best to keep at it.

That’s why the internet is definitely impressed with Edith Traina from Florida in the United States. The 97-year-old woman recently received a lot of love and attention on social media because of her mind-blowing strength and stamina.

Definitely stronger than your typical grandmother!


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Mom Of Autistic Boy Brilliantly Hides A Recorder In His Backpack To Catch His Bullies

And you wouldn’t believe who the bullies are!


Milissa Davis noticed her son, Camden, all upset and in distress after coming home from school. The boy, who has autism goes, to Hope Academy, a school that caters and specializes in teaching students with special needs. Milissa chose the academy in the hope of a good education for children like Camden. She got worried when Camden started wetting the bed and becoming anxious and aggressive.

As a mother, Milissa knows something is wrong. She tried approaching the principal of the school to address the matter, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Left with no other choice, she attached a recording device to his son's school bag to find out was causing anxieties. To her dismay, her son was being bullied, not by other students, but by the teachers of Hope Academy.

This is Camden. He used to be a cheerful and bright boy, despite his condition.


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19-Year Old Man Marries 72-Year Old Woman Just 2 Weeks After Meeting Her

It was definitely a whirlwind romance!

If Cupid is true, then he is truly one mischievous being. History is filled with tales about pairings of very unlikely couples and certainly, the love story between 19-year old Gary Hardwick and 72-year old grandma Almeda Errell is one fine example.

This beautiful couple from Maryville, Tennessee cites true love and deep connection as the reasons why they decided to tie the knot just two weeks after a whirlwind romance. Teenager Hardwick first met Errell, who is 53 years his senior, at a party and he was instantly attracted to the gorgeous woman.

Fortunately, the attraction was mutual.


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