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This Newborn Baby was Flushed Down The Toilet. How the Fire-fighters Save Him? Unbelievable!

What kind of mother would do such cruel thing to her own baby. Thanks to the Firefighters for saving this angel.


One of the most horrible stories that I always hate to hear is about depriving a newly born baby of his rights to live a wonderful life. In our present society where almost everything is being accepted no matter how immoral and wrongful it may be, the notion of life is construed to something dispensable. People use facts and science to justify the apparent truth that they want to believe in. And none of the moral concerns are being considered. Hence, from time to time, babies are aborted, abandoned and sometimes left behind by the parents because they just feel they are not ready to have one yet or whatever absurd reasons they have. I always pray for those babies who are aborted and I hope that those who are abandoned and left behind can still be saved.

Just like what happened in this video. A baby was flushed down in the toilet and found out to be stuck in the pipe of the drainage. What kind of mother would do such cruel thing to her own baby. That baby has the right to live! Fortunately, firefighters were immediately informed about the incident. And they did not waste any time to pull out the baby from the pipe because they knew every second counts.

Watch the Incredible Rescue of the Firefighters!

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What They Discovered in a 2,000 year old Shipwreck Could Prove Atlantis is REAL!

Whoa! The legend might be real after all…


One well-known story of Plato, a great ancient Greek philosopher, is the destruction of the ancient civilization of Atlantis. The story dates back over 2,300 years ago, but still it remains famous and continuously being narrated. Why? James Romm, a professor of classics at Bard College in Annandale, New York asserted that the tale of the lost city of Atlantis is a story, though uncertain of its truthfulness, captures the imagination in which he further added that it has various fascinating components that people would surely enjoy to imagine. Many have been fascinated by the legend. It has been believed that Atlantis was rich in gold, silver and other precious metals and has once become a great naval power.

Map of Atlantis drawn by 17th century scholar Athanasius Kircher.

Photo credit: MailOnline

Many historians and archeologists have painstakingly searched for clues and evidence of the existence of Atlantis but to no avail.  Even scholars and scientist have tried to prove that Atlantis is real.  Most of them failed to prove its existence. The story of Atlantis has still remained a myth or just a product of one’s great imagination.

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She Received $975 Million Dollar Check. What She Did? I Can’t Believe It!

I’m not sure what’s more heartbreaking in this story. Writing a whooping $975 million divorce check or…

I'm not sure what's more heartbreaking in this story. Writing a whooping $975 million divorce check or having someone who reject it. The said check was apparently not enough for a divorce settlement especially when your ex-husband is a filthy rich oil tycoon.

Harold Hamm, the billionaire CEO of Continental Resources, is now the talk of the town after his hand-written massive check was refused by his ex-wife, Sue Ann Arnall, in their ongoing divorce saga.

Here’s how the $974 Million Dollar check looks like.


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Unidentified Man Casually Walks Into Burning Home And Rescues A Complete Stranger

An incredible display of bravery.

In 2014, a cellphone video captured an amazing moment when a complete stranger in Fresno, California wearing blue hat and gray shirt casually walked into a home engulfed in flames. Moments later, the unidentified man emerges, carrying another man over his shoulder.

A woman called 911 and explained that her father was inside the burning home. Before anyone showed up, this stranger saved his life. The man has been taken to the hospital for a check up to ensure his health. One thing is for sure – my faith in humanity and the value of our lives is completely restored.

People panicked and ran away when they heard an explosion.


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