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This Newborn Baby was Flushed Down The Toilet. How the Fire-fighters Save Him? Unbelievable!





One of the most horrible stories that I always hate to hear is about depriving a newly born baby of his rights to live a wonderful life. In our present society where almost everything is being accepted no matter how immoral and wrongful it may be, the notion of life is construed to something dispensable. People use facts and science to justify the apparent truth that they want to believe in. And none of the moral concerns are being considered. Hence, from time to time, babies are aborted, abandoned and sometimes left behind by the parents because they just feel they are not ready to have one yet or whatever absurd reasons they have. I always pray for those babies who are aborted and I hope that those who are abandoned and left behind can still be saved.

Just like what happened in this video. A baby was flushed down in the toilet and found out to be stuck in the pipe of the drainage. What kind of mother would do such cruel thing to her own baby. That baby has the right to live! Fortunately, firefighters were immediately informed about the incident. And they did not waste any time to pull out the baby from the pipe because they knew every second counts.

Watch the Incredible Rescue of the Firefighters!

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