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7 Natural Boosters To Help You Feel Energized When Coffee Fails You





Is drinking more than a cup of coffee still not working for you? With concerns that caffeine might give you heart palpitations, it is not a good idea to consume more cups of your favorite beverage just because you need to regain your energy.

Luckily, there are natural energy boosters that can help you feel more active especially in the afternoon. Here are seven that promise to help you as effectively as your coffee (but without the caffeine) along with details about how to prepare and consume them.

Sometimes coffee just doesn’t cut it.

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1. Ginseng

Herbalist Rebekah Epling said:

“Technically, you’ll be making a decoction. For a ginseng tea decoction, use approximately a quarter ounce of dried ginseng root per one cup of water. Bring the water to a boil, add ginseng, cover, and simmer for 30 minutes. Then strain the water, and you’ve got ginseng tea!”

Be warned, however, that ginseng is not recommended for pregnant women.

2. Cordyceps

Although there is no study to show that cordyceps can cause any threat to a pregnant woman’s health, it is better for them to steer clear of cordyceps until more research proves its safety.

3. Maca Root

Getting too tired to function?

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4. Holy Basil

As if we needed more reason to eat pizza and pasta, the holy basil in them can act as an energy booster!

5. Turmeric
To use turmeric, simply add it like a regular spice to your favorite dishes and drinks.

6. Goji Berries

Backe said:

“Goji berries especially have gotten more popular in recent years, being labeled [a] superfood by those who spread the buzz. They contain unsaturated fatty acids, beta-carotene, lycopene, and a long list of trace minerals.”

When laying in bed feels to be the best option at the moment.

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7. Nuts

Nuts are already one of the most popular snacks, so who knew that we could get some energy while munching on it!
Have you tried any of these natural boosters?

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