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Thousands of People Attended Miami Gay Festival, Someone Eventually Tested Positive of COVID-19




  • The 2020 Winter Party Festival drew an estimated number of 10,000 participants.
  • The annual event ran from March 4 to 10.
  • Unfortunately, organizers were eventually informed that one of the attendees has tested positive of coronavirus.

As numerous countries struggle to deal with coronavirus, health experts have repeatedly reminded everyone to observe social distancing as one of the most effective preventive measures against the disease. In fact, some government leaders have even implemented strict orders for lockdown and quarantine in their countries to limit the spread of the virus.

Amidst all these efforts, thousands of attendees gathered in Miami to celebrate a festival. And now some of the event participants are under investigation for a possible COVID-19 infection.

Held last March 4 to 10, Miami’s annual Winter Party Festival attracted an estimated 10,0000 people from the LGBTQ community. Eventually, the event organizers admitted they have been informed that someone in the crowd has tested positive of the virus, a report said.

Now those who attended the gathering are being encouraged to watch out for symptoms and get tested when necessary.

National LGBTQ Task Force executive director Rea Carey said:

“We know there are many places people could have been exposed before and after Winter Party as this virus has developed, but we wanted to make this information public as soon as possible.”

Carey also added that everyone’s health and safety is of “great importance” to them so they immediately disclosed the info about the problem.

Of course, it has to be noted that the festival happened earlier in the month before many other events in the country started canceling, wrote NBC News.

As Carey explained, they “made the most informed decision at the time, following all official guidance available at the time.”

During the festival, organizers also took time to distribute hand sanitizers and to remind participants about the importance of hygiene.

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