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Loyal Dog Finds Hospital On Her Own To Visit Her Sick Human





Dogs are man’s best friend, indeed. This is something a dog in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, proved to everyone.

Miniature Schnauzer Sissy ran away from home – something the 10-year-old has never done before. It has been weeks since she saw her owner Nancy Franck who was actually confined at Mercy Medical Center because of cancer.

When Nancy’s husband Dale brought Sissy and another dog, Barney, outside to relieve themselves, Sissy grabbed the chance and followed her instincts to find her way to Nancy.

Route Sissy possibly took to reach the hospital

This was an amazing feat for such a small dog who had to walk some 20 blocks from home to reach the hospital – and it had never been to that hospital before to visit Nancy! Somehow, Sissy knew where to find Nancy!

Sissy arrives at Mercy Medical Center

CCTV footage released by the hospital shows Sissy entering the lobby via the automatic doors. She seemed to know the way around but could not figure out how to enter the elevator on her own. Hospital staff called the number on her tag; they were surprised to learn Sissy’s owner is under their care.

Nancy Franck at Mercy Medical Center
Sissy the loyal dog.

Everyone was even more surprised to learn how Sissy ran away, walked all those blocks, and managed to find Nancy! Of course, the cancer-stricken patient was overjoyed to see her pet and was quite overwhelmed after learning the journey this little one had been through to find her.

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Now, that’s true love and devotion…

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