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Kung Fu Master’s Manhood Gets Hit By Brick and Wooden Pole to Show Off “Iron Crotch”





Apparently, “balls of steel” has ceased being a mere figure of speech, thanks to this Kung Fu master whose ironlike-crotch can stand being repeatedly kicked and hit with a brick and a wooden pole – a stunt that’ll leave any average guy writhing in pain.

Master Wei Yaobin, a Chinese Kung Fu expert, has been practicing the unusual art of sustaining blows to his nether regions for ten solid years now, earning him the alias “Iron Crotch.” His poor manhood receives kick after kick and hit after hit, yet Master Yaobin seems to be unfazed and maintains his cool composure.

Getting kicked in the crotch is a normal, everyday thing for Master Wei.

His iron testicles can stand getting hit by a brick.

According to some, the art of “Iron Crotch Kung Fu” is highly beneficial for male sexual health and requires enthusiasts to undergo intense training so they can build up resistance. Learners of the art say that the practice can cure premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Apparently, it’s something worth hitting your balls for.

In the video below, you will see Master Wei teaching several students the art at his studio in Luoyang, a city in central China’s Henan Province. Of course, you’ll see these “hard-headed” students’ private parts get kicked and whacked, too.

Try not to wince, okay?

Watch the video:

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Master Wei said that the practice is exclusive and that knowledge of the art can only be inherited from family members. However, he wishes that more people will get to practice the art.

He said:

“We want it to be more popular and accepted by (the) public.”

They are not nut jobs, by all means. Yes, pun intended.

Despite the fact that no scientific evidence supporting the practice exists, several hundreds of men are still lured to master the art of turning their crotch into iron.

Guess that gives new meaning to wrecking balls, huh?

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