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This Kid Dancing by the Pool to the Cuban Pete Nailed It!





The 1990’s brought us the epic police dance scene from the movie “The Mask” which showed Jim Carrey and other policemen dancing to the “Cuban Pete”.

After over two decades, a chubby kid dancing by the pool brings back to life this legendary scene which will also make you dance to the beat.

With his charm, attitude, dance moves and a pair of red swimming shorts, Guillermo Garcia is more than just a delight to his family as he salsa’d his way by the pool. He did not just dance his heart out, but watching him is like actually watching a musical scene in a theater as he was also mouthing the lyrics.

And there’s even a bonus to his epic dance moves: this cute boy also did some cartwheeling!

Watch the video here and we’re sure you’ll love this kid who is the little king of the rumba beat! Nobody else can pull this off better than this chubby kid!

Watch the video:

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