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Life Was Perfect When Her Son Was Born. Several Weeks Later. My Heart Broke.





A decade ago, Kellie Haddock gave birth to her first child. That time, she and her husband, AJ, were the happiest people in the world. Unfortunately, when their son, Eli, was merely 14 weeks old, the family got into a gruesome car accident. AJ was instantly killed upon impact, and Eli was severely injured. This video tells Kellie’s heart-wrenching story of the tragedy. How she amazingly survive the hardest journey of her life to thank all of the people who helped save her infant son.

Kellie recalls the days that followed the accident in great detail on her blog, where she explains that her physical recovery was fairly quick, but her son had a long road ahead of him. Eli did more than just pull through. Today he is happy and healthy. Kellie has since remarried, and the couple now has three children.

Kellie’s “Thank You Project” and the film that documented it came into being by chance. Kellie knew she wanted to do something to thank the people that helped her then-infant son through the ordeal. She mentioned that to an acquaintance, who was literally floored at the coincidence: He was a filmmaker for the hospital.

We are absolutely overwhelmed by how incredible Kellie is. Her kind spirit and warm personality are contagious, and how she was able to view life positively even after such tragedy is beyond inspiring. She is the perfect example, in showing such gratitude for the people who positively made a difference in her life, even if they are strangers that were simply doing their jobs.

Be sure to grab some tissues before watching Kellie’s story. It’s definitely a tear-jerker, but we promise that by the end you’ll feel uplifted in a wonderfully positive way!

Watch the Wonderful Video:

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