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6 Idiotic Things That IT Professionals Always Have To Deal With

Mark Andrew





Imagine how it would be like if only we didn’t have any dumb, arrogant people. The world would probably be a better place!

Just ask those working in retail and you would probably end up feeling surprised with the amount of crap they have to go through each day as they deal with annoying customers.

Actually, the same thing can be said for those working as IT professionals. Things even took a worse turn for these poor souls as they are perceived by some either as gods who can miraculously fix any tech glitch or as slaves who they can ask anytime to do some lowly job.

The colorful comics we’re sharing below, done by the awesome Li-Anne Dias, accurately encapsulates the hilarious and horrible side of working in IT support. The California-based artist focused on the idiotic things that these IT professionals have to deal with and we simply couldn’t help but laugh and nod our heads in agreement.

Scroll down and you’ll see what we mean:

#1. The wind and the Wi-Fi signal.

Source: Li-Anne Dias

Apparently, its always the wind’s fault.

#2. Idiotic indeed. We couldn’t agree more!

Source: Li-Anne Dias

Definitely one of those facepalm-worthy moments.

#3. “Damn you, computer! Why do you do that to me everytime?”

Source: Li-Anne Dias

Seriously, IT people! How many times have you heard this?

#4. The mystery of the wireless mouse.

Source: Li-Anne Dias

Some users don’t even take time to read the instruction manuals.

#5. “Why do we even pay you, IT guys?”

Source: Li-Anne Dias

Every single freaking time!

#6. Yes, there are those who couldn’t figure out something as simple as this.

Source: Li-Anne Dias

All ridiculous, you say? Well, you’d be surprised! These are real experiences that IT people shared with the artist and so she eventually decided to turn them into funny comics.

For more of Li-Anne’s stuff, do check out her official website.

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