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Liverpool Man Loves Spam So Much He Changed His Middle Name to ‘I Love Spam’

This guy is like the biggest Spam fan ever!


You may love Spam but we bet this man loves it much, much more than you do. In fact, he legally changed his middle name to reflect his love for the canned product.

Now known as Mark I Love Spam Benson, this 41-year-old guy from Halewood, Liverpool is perhaps the biggest Spam fan ever.

According to Metro, Mark couldn’t get enough of the canned meat that he has it on toast for breakfast “every single day.” On top of that he “regularly cooks recipes from the Spam website for family dinners.”

i love spam 4

Fortunately, his wife Anne Moseley, 32, and their daughters Evie, 3, and Milly, 4, also like eating the food.

i love spam 1

Mark confesses he has loved the product since he discovered it when he was 2 years old. His grandfather Thomas Farrell, a World War 2 veteran, shared stories about how Spam was a wartime staple back in the days.

After the war, Thomas worked in the United States where he discovered more varieties of the canned meat. He later returned to the UK and became instrumental in helping Spam set up a factory in Liverpool.

i love spam 3

In 2015, Mark took legal steps to formally change his middle name to ‘I Love Spam’ and it’s been a hilarious ride ever since.

Mark said:

“I felt like I had to change my name as a tribute to my grandad and the war effort but it does get a lot of laughs.

“The postman asks if the ‘Spam man’ is in and I get some funny looks when I check into hotels and they say “are you serious?”

“But I’ve had mostly a positive response.”

i love spam 2

Now an official Spambassador, Mark said:

“My dream is to go to the USA to sample all the different varieties because we just have the one over here.”

Taking the fandom to extreme levels indeed!

H/T: Metro


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