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‘Good Samaritan’ Breaks Car Window To Save Puppy, It Turned Out To Be A Toy




  • An angry driver found his car window smashed after they went shopping.
  • Some ‘good samaritan’ had smashed the back seat window to rescue a puppy trapped inside the car.
  • However, it turns out that the puppy was just a realistic-looking stuffed toy.

Summer is the hottest time of the year for most countries. In this season of heatwaves, it’s unimaginable to be trapped inside a hot car–whether you’re human or a pet.

An anonymous parent went even more furious under the summer heat after discovering their car window smashed after they did some shopping. Someone allegedly smashed their car window to rescue a puppy in the back seat of the hot car, which turns out to be just their daughter’s stuffed dog toy.

The unnamed driver shared a post in the Spotted Weston-super-mare Facebook group to air out the frustration to the window-smasher. The post showing pictures of their broken car window and the “rescued puppy” was captioned:

Please post anonymously

I returned to my car after leaving it for 20 minutes to do some shopping to find someone has smashed the back window in as they thought my daughters plush toy dog was a real dog trapped in the heat. 

How can you be this stupid?

Shame on you

The Facebook post has since gone viral garnering mixed reactions from commenters. Although it can really be frustrating to see your vehicle smashed broken for a seemingly impulsive reason, majority of the comments sided with the window-smasher rather than the car owner.

Some of the comments shared that they would have done the same if they were put into the situation. Given that the dog was just a toy, some of the comments pointed out how realistic the toy dog looked and it’s an expected mistake for a kind-hearted individual to think of rescuing the dog trapped in a blazing car.

One comment reminded the driver that they should “be thankful people care.” Another even made an effort to revise the post and make it a sarcastic clap-back to the original post:

I returned to my car after leaving it for 20 minutes to do some shopping to find someone has smashed the back window in as I left a realistic looking dog plush toy in the window and its the hottest day of the year.

How can I be so stupid?

Shame on me.

If the driver even had a few support from the comment section, it would only be about the difficulty of replacing the smashed window. However, it still won’t amount to a dog’s life if it turned out to be real, right?

Meanwhile, dog deaths due to being left in the car continues to be a real problem. According to PETA, there were at least 58 animals that had to endure hot-weather related deaths in 2018 alone–and these were only those who have been reported to them.

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