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Footage Shows What Tough-Looking Dad Secretly Does With Kids When No One Is Around

Spoiler alert – it’s actually quite funny!

Rujeana, a mother of two, installed a camera at home. She wanted to capture the cute things that children did with each other while she was away. She wanted to show them with their grandmother. She, however, wasn’t prepared for the footage that awaited her.

What started out initially as a simple surprise instead became an online viral hit.

On the video, you will see the girls’ father who was merely doing some household chores at first. Eventually though, he had to give in to the beat because her daughter was really into it.

First, he entered the room with a cute robotic dance and then gradually shifted to some graceful dancing. He even did some sick lip syncing of Katy Perry’s “E.T.” and to his credit, he knew every word of the song.

You can watch the funny video here:

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I think it’s adorable that this dad’s so game about playing with his two girls. Even the little one obviously loves her so much for it. You’d notice how she enthusiastically jumps up and down as she watches his performance.

You, sir, are an awesome dad. Kudos to you for taking your time to play with your kids. You definitely are “Father of the Year” material in our book!


Her Sister Do Not Have A Uterus So She Volunteered To Become A Surrogate Mom… TWICE!

If this is not what you call unconditional sisterly love, then I don’t know what is!

Being a mother is a role that almost all women want to have. Motherhood provides a sense of joy and fulfillment that no other life experience could ever give. Unfortunately, not all women are given the physical or biological ability to bear a child of their own.

Take Katie for example. She was born without a uterus, deeming her dream of becoming a mother almost impossible to achieve. The doctors said the only way she could have a baby of her own is to find a surrogate mother who will fulfill the demanding pregnancy roles for her.

When Katie got married to Jarod, they started planning their family, including where to find a surrogate mother....

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She broke down after realizing that the gift she received was a pillow made of grandpa’s shirt!

Love does not have boundaries. It transcends through time and space. So even if our loved ones have departed, they will always stay in our hearts and minds forever.

For romantic love, you know it is true when you can never seem to forget about him/her no matter how long you've been separated for a variety of reasons.

We particularly adore old couples, who despite their physical weaknesses, never seem to run out of energy to show how much they love their partner. Walking hand in hand in the park, making coffee in the morning and kissing randomly in the forehead -- those are just some of the gestures that signify that their love is true. After all, it's the little things that matter....

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This Mom Loses 155 Pounds By Doing This

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Alena became depressed about her situation and realized that she had to take action. She then decided to change her life and finally lose weight. She wanted to be healthier for her husband and for her daughters. She wanted to see them grow up and be there for them in the most important events of their lives....

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