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Everytime We Complain Over Simple Things, We Forgot How Lucky and Blessed We Are!





I hate to admit but I have already experienced countless moments where I whined and complained on small matters. I whined if my cellphone charger was not working. I complained a lot if my assistant could not do her job properly. Worst, I complained for several times why life is so unfair because my neighbor has a better car, I can’t buy the latest LED TV, I can only treat my family in a nice restaurant once a week and I am doing my own laundry. But after watching the video, it gave a different perspective about it.

The video is all about communicating to everyone that there are bigger problems out there. There are people dying because the basic necessities which are supposed to be available for free have been difficult to acquire. I am quite thankful to know that there are organizations around the world who painstakingly make some ways to reach out to these areas where little food and water are available.

Watch the inspiring video:

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Yup, life indeed is unfair. But life is really more unfair for others. And I am one heck of a lucky person! Let us appreciate the small things that we have in life. Share this video if you care!

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