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17 Dumbest Movie Reviews Ever





Reviews from moviegoers can make or break a film’s chances of success. When you see negative reviews piling up for a certain movie, it’s a sign that maybe you should just stay at home and save your money for the next worthy film that comes along. But not all movie reviews should be taken seriously.

Some people hate movies for the wrong reasons and these should not influence your decision to check out the movie at the theater.

Here are some classic examples:

#1. Titanic: Damn that iceberg!

#2. The Wolf of Wall Street: Try watching Dances with Wolves.

#3. Cinderella: Glass slippers! How unrealistic!

#4. Interstellar: Call him up and tell him how it should be done, why don’t you?

#5. The Incredibles: Someone was not allowed to watch cartoons when she was a kid.

#6. Mad Max: Maybe on the next movie?

#7. Amy: Can tell from the trailer, perhaps?

#8. Fifty Shades of Grey: Oh honey, the parking is the least of this movie’s problems, lemme tell you!

#9. Big Hero 6: Where are the previous movies?

#10. Air Bud: Bad doggie!

#11. Blues Brothers: It’s always nice to find someone with a different perspective in life.

#12. Deadpool: Too much rap in the trailer.

#13. Minions: Promotes the worship of evil.

#14. Frozen: Tsk! Fire the director!

#15. The Shining: You’re scared. We get it.

#16. The Martian: Too many black scientists.

#17. Ip Man: Not about TCP/IP settings.

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