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Chiropractor Helps Crippled Teen Get His Life Back After Months of Suffering

Dozens of doctors have already denied treating him until he met Dr. Ian. His life eventually changed for the better.






Although chiropractors have proved to be a significant addition in the field of medicine, many are still skeptical with their works. They’re often tagged as con artists by people who deem their method unscientific. Dr. Ian Rossborough, however, is a unique one.

Rossborough – commonly referred to as Dr. Ian – received a message from a boy named Muntathar, who, at the age of 17, was already suffering from a severe pain in the back. In fact, he has spent three months in extreme pain. One day, he decided to contact Dr. Ian of the Chiropractic Excellence clinic in Australia. He believed that the doctor was the only one capable of helping treat his condition.

Muntathar decided to fly to Australia, as he was confident of Dr. Ian’s prowess.

Source: Chiro Core

Muntathar and his family already contacted a number of chiropractors and medical experts, but all of them didn’t want to get involved. They claimed that the kid’s condition was almost impossible to treat. Or if they were to, the procedure could be life-threatening.

Apart from being bent, he also had no feeling in his right leg. The injury reportedly occurred after he pulled out a tree root while working in his neighborhood in the United States.
When Muntathar entered the clinic, he could barely walk and was even bent double. Not only was he desperate for help, he also wanted the process to be fast. He was basically trying to catch up with his graduation with over two months away.

Not only was he bent double, he was also experiencing extreme pain in his neck and back.

Source: Chiro Core
Dr. Ian immediately started the correction on the first appointment.

Source: Chiro Core

A well-known Gonstead chiropractor in Australia, Dr. Ian immediately started the procedure. He first checked the pressure points of Muntathar’s back. After the x-ray results were obtained, he started the correction process. The first day was all about correcting the kid’s back, helping him sleep more comfortable than before.

The next day came, Muntathar underwent neck adjustment. He was even quoted saying:

Eight or nine times I’ve been to the emergency [department]. I didn’t want to even live anymore because of my back, it was sore as anything and it was so embarrassing.”

His father further added:

For three months he just stayed in a bed and took pain medication.”

Incredibly, after constant correction and treatment, Muntathar was starting to stand up straight and could even walk more properly. He even stunned the staff at the clinic, as he was already at this full height. When his father saw him standing straight for the first time, he couldn’t help but cry.

Muntathar greatly improved after several appointments, as evident by his new posture.

Source: Chiro Core
On the last correction procedure, the kid was already able to stand up straight.

Source: Chiro Core

Upon seeing his son’s new look, he cried:

“I don’t believe it.”

He was so grateful that he promised to become a chiropractor someday.

Source: Chiro Core

Thanks to Dr. Ian’s help, Muntathar was able to become normal again. More importantly, he was able to achieve his dream of standing tall at his graduation. He even said he plans on becoming a chiropractor someday, as he, too, wanted to help people who have the same problem.

Check out the full video below and get ready to be in tears!

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