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This Mysterious Dog Teleports Out of Nowhere During a Street Race in Chile. Mind-Blowing!





There are only few “must see” videos in the internet and apparently, this is one of them.

Before I decided to share this video, I watched it several times just to make sure this isn’t a camera trick. I’ve also searched about this incident and to my surprise, a lot of people have said this video is authentic. Is this actually a glitch in the Matrix or something? Until now I still can’t give a definite explanation to this fast-paced, jaw-dropping clip.

The video was taken during a street race in Chile. Two cars are racing so fast as it passes by the person who took the video. While the camera pans around, a dog suddenly appears out of nowhere and crossed the road to the other side of the highway. The mysterious dog, instantly appears right in the middle of the speeding cars, apparently unharmed. All these happened in just a split of a second.

Watch the mind-blowing video:

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What do you think about this video? Do you have an explanation? Do you believe in teleportation? Let us know in the comments section below.

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