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Adorable Retro Camper Van Transforms Itself Into Anything For Your Camping Needs





Camping is a great experience. Wherever you plan on going, having a camper makes the experience more convenient and enjoyable.

In the neighborhood of Frogtown in Los Angeles, California, a mini camper is making a buzz in the West Coast. This adorable mini camper, the Happier Camper’s HC1, will make you change the way you think about campers.

Happier Camper was founded by Derek Michael May – a graphic designer, computer programmer, DJ and a musician.

Source: Insider

May fell in love with campers as a kid, when he used to watch his father restore them in their backyard. Over time, his love for mini trailers grew that he found himself enjoying restoring vintage ones.

The adorable HC1 design has a sleek and classy look.

Source: Insider

The 70 square-foot mini camper weighs 1100 pounds and is made up of molded fiberglass. It comes with a series of modular cubes that can adapt to various situations. These cubes are lightweight, durable and water-resistant; ideal as a camper.

This sleek camper can be customized into a hundred ways depending on the situation and need.

Source: Insider
The bench cubes has comfortable cushions that can be transformed for sitting or sleeping.

Source: Insider

It can be arranged into a bed that can accommodate five persons, or it can be turned into a double bed with a kitchenette or a couch with a table and a kitchenette.

These cubes can also be set up outside of the trailer or to empty it to give larger space for other purposes like carrying a bike or a kayak.

Source: Insider
HC1’s model has AC wall plugs, storage shelves and light dimmers.

Source: Insider

It has solar power paneling, an AGM Deep Cycle Battery and a Zamp solar power inverter that provides electricity outside of the city. Happier Camper has an additional set up that can turn the minibus into a mobile food truck, an office, to a comfy den.

This remarkable adaptive mini camper gives the convenience of a home in your adventure and will truly make you a happy camper.

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