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Cruel Mom Captured Viciously Kicking Tiny Model Daughter In Viral Video


Child models are usually loved for their beauty and youth but some of them end up having to work hard for their career. A viral video may have exposed the dark side of child modelling. In the video, a Chinese mom is seen viciously kicking her little model daughter for not posing properly.

The video shows a three-year-old child model identified as Niu Niu with her parents. Although it starts out simple enough, things changed when the tiny model put her bag down on the ground. The woman suddenly kicks the little girl in her backside, causing her to fall forward. The father quickly steps in to help and the mom eventually leans in to fix the child’s clothes.

The video was shared on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, and has already earned millions of views.

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The tiny model reportedly works in Hangzhou in the Zhejiang province of China. According to some reports, Niu Niu has been working for the past six months and the video may have confirmed that her parents are forcing the child to work too hard.

Needless to say, people were fuming at the mother’s actions, accusing her of child abuse. Since the video went viral, several shops have reportedly taken down photos of Niu Niu from their business to protest her parents’ actions.

The shop Sweet Grandpa Baby is one of Niu Niu’s clients. The store’s Weibo account posted about the video defending the little model and calling her mother “unloving.”

Several shops are condemning Niu Niu’s mother for kicking the child model.

Niu Niu’s mother has since issued a public apology for her actions on Weibo. She denied the child abuse accusations and thanked the public for pointing out her mistakes. In addition to that, the mom claimed that she had not intended to harm her daughter and was “deeply sorry” for the incident.

In an interview, the mother revealed that “Niu Niu had kept running towards the road and the day was getting dark, therefore she acted out under stress.”

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