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Guy’s Death-Defying Profession Will Make You Stop Complaining About Your Job





Usually before you apply for a job, you ponder long and hard to consider a lot of things: salary, position, benefits including factors that may pose risk to your life and limb. Some jobs require applicants to show their skills or apply their education on an specific office work, while others require workers to go out of their comfort zones and face their fears like fear of heights.

Take for instance, Kevin Schmidt whose day job requires him to climb soaring-high structures like the 1,500 ft TV tower captured in the video. Schmidt is a project manager of a tower and communication company in South Dakota with an unusual task of simply changing a light bulb on top of a structure that is higher than the New York’s Empire State Building. The bulb is intended to keep aircraft away or afar from the tower.

Watch the mind-blowing video:

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Imagine someone designed and built a tall tower and then hires a person that has the ability and the nerve to do menial maintenance work after scaling dizzying structures. That architectural builder might be a sadist making you realize that this is not a dream job that most people would look up for. Yet for Schmidt climbing up and down the tower is just another day at work, he can even go far as taking a usual selfie snap while doing his usual routine.

The next time you feel so lazy to wake up early for work or the next time you complain about your job, remember Schmidt and other folks out there who are working on a job that you do not have the nerve to do.

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