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Woman Ordered Ribs But Claimed Chinese Restaurant Gave Her Cooked Dog Paws Instead!

Or was it really spare ribs?

It’s one thing to be given a different food than the one you ordered at a restaurant; it’s another to be served a box filled with dog paws in place of the food you expect. This woman experienced just that, or so she claimed.

Ashley Jefferson narrated in her Facebook post about ordering spare ribs from a Chinese restaurant called China Palace in Havre de Grace in Maryland. When she received her order, she discovered what she claimed to be a box of dog paws.

She posted a video of her showing the alleged dog paw:

“There’s nails still in this… those are claws,” she says as she holds up the meat in question in front of the camera.

“All you Chinese food lovers, I suggest you re-evaluate your life before you end up choking on a dog nail,” she added.

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She also posted a picture comparing the meat to an actual dog claw.

“I googled a dead dog paw and took a pic of what they delivered to me… and tell me if I’m wrong but they look exactly the same,” she captioned.

The restaurant posted a response to her accusation, vehemently denying that they sent her dog paws.

They also posted an image of a document from the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene that serves as proof that the restaurant does not have any dog meat in its facility.

Ashley got negative reactions from other Facebook users for smearing the restaurant’s reputation. They pointed out that she made a mistake in identifying the meat as dog paws and that what she got were actually normal pork ribs.

She eventually made a post admitting her mistake and declared that she will personally apologize to the restaurant.


Man With One-Inch “Micro-penis” Shares His Heartbreaking Story

She kept asking me, “Is it in?”

Men are very touchy when it comes to the subject of penis size. Unless they are well-endowed down there, they would rather not talk about their own inches and circumferences. This dude is different; he decided to talk about his "micro-penis" in order to send a message: stop "penis-shaming" and give men a break when it comes to the size of their members.

"Um...a little bit shorter than that..."

"Um...a little bit shorter than that..."

The 35-year old, who wrote for under the pseudonym "JF", admitted to having a "micro-penis" that is just 2.7 inches long when erect. He says that his size has left him emotionally traumatized. His one and only sexual experience was 12 years ago, with a student who "giggled" at the size of his penis....

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What Does Science Say About the Average Penis Sizes in Different Countries?

Once and for all, let’s answer that burning question – Which country has the longest average penis size?

It's controversial, but definitely interesting. There's always something about penis size that gets people all riled up (not to mention hot and bothered). But what does science really have to say about the average penis size? Do the stereotypes hold true wherein black men are more likely to be bigger down there and Asian men tend to have the short end of the stick?

TargetMap recently released an interactive map to show findings about penis length from all over the world. To check out the average length for each country (in centimeters) just hover over or tap the country of your choice.

TargetMap's guide to each country's average penis size.

TargetMap's guide to each country's average penis size....

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Russian Beauty Queen Flies to Dubai to Sell Her Virginity for $13,000

This Russian beauty queen has flown to the UAE to sell her virginity for £10,000!

17-year-old Anna Feschenko is a model who was a runner-up in the Miss Moscow contest in June. But in a strange turn of events, Anna has decided to fly to the United Arab Emirates to become an escort.

Anna Feschenko has her whole life ahead of her after being the first runner up for Miss Moscow.

Anna Feschenko has her whole life ahead of her after being the first runner up for Miss Moscow.

She told friends that her flight to the UAE was a prize from the contest, which wasn't true at all. She simply wanted to sell her virginity for the hefty price of £10,000 to be able to afford a university education in Moscow....

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