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Chinese Farmer Makes Pigs Dive From 10-Foot Platform to Keep Them Fit and Taste Better





A pig farmer in Hunan Province in China is doing something very unusual to the animals he raises.

Huang Deming believes that incorporating a fitness routine for his pigs will make their meat taste even better. That’s why he has set up a 10-foot platform at a pond in Ningxiang County.

The pigs take the plunge.
The pigs take the plunge.

Every single day, Huang brings the pigs from his farm to the wooden diving platform at the Ningxiang County pond. The platform is elevated around 10 feet from the water. Huang then makes each pig dive into the pond. He lets them swim around for a while.

That said, Huang seems to be a very progressive pig farmer.
What a cute sight!
What a cute sight!

Huang asserts that the exercise helps boost the pigs’ immune system. It also boosts their appetite.

Moreover, the pigs’ meat end up tasting better that the usual varieties on the market. Since the pigs are active, their fat deposits don’t build up too much. They don’t get too large for comfort. We imagine that their meat is a good mix of lean layers and fatty parts.

Those pigs look very healthy, indeed.
Those pigs look very healthy, indeed.

Source:The Sun

A Countryside magazine feature backs Huang’s practice. The article pointed out: “A pig that eats lots of fresh greens and gets plenty of exercise will have more muscle and less fat than a pig standing in a pig sty eating high carbohydrate grains all day.”

Pigs that get regular exercise are also much healthier than those who remain sedentary. Therefore, these fit pigs hardly ever get sick. There’s no need for them to take antibiotics or any other chemical concoctions to address ailments.

Watch the pigs do their dive-and-swim routine.

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Perhaps, other farmers in Hunan Province in China — which is tagged as the world’s largest producer and consumer of pork — can learn something from Huang’s fitness routine for pigs. After all, their profits are sure to increase if they sell pigs with superior quality meat.

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