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Chinese Breeders Play Traditional Music to Pigs to Improve the Quality of Meat

According to the breeders, a better taste in music may lead to a better taste in the meat.


Hog breeders in China are currently trying a new practice for their flock – exposing them to Chinese traditional music.

According to the breeders, a better taste in music may lead to a better taste in the meat, thus they played music in front of herds at a Beijing University of Agriculture breeding base. Furthermore, they also think that playing music for the pigs will keep them in a happy mood, which will in turn improve the quality of the meat that can be harvested.

A girl plays traditional Chinese music for the pigs in a breeding base in Beijing University of Agriculture.


Photo credit: CCTV News


Photo credit: CCTV News

Although the theory still remains unverified and not yet scientifically proven, the breeders still played music for the pigs, which seemed to enjoy it.



10 Lessons Your Dog Can Teach You About Life

Your canine companion is wiser than you think.

All we need to know, we can learn from our dogs.

Dogs are relatively simple creatures. They eat. They sleep. They play. They fight. They love.

They don't ask for much but to be loved in return, and their boundless joy at beholding their humans can bring a tear to the eye.

Here are some 10 very fitting lessons our dogs can can teach us about life that we would do well to emulate:

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Caught on Video: When Big Snakes Attack Humans!

Snakes with venomous bites are dangerous, but monster serpents that crush and swallow their prey whole are equally frightening.

There's no doubt that snakes are among the most dangerous animals around.

As stated in the paper, "The origin of snakes," there are more than 3,400 species of living snakes (Serpentes) that live in just about any kind of environment. These legless reptiles occupy "fossorial, arboreal, terrestrial, and aquatic environs, and living in climates ranging from arid deserts to the open ocean."

While there are snakes that can kill their prey in a matter of minutes with their venomous bites, there are also huge snakes who can overpower their targets and crush their bones before swallowing them whole.

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Biker Begs for Life After A Herd of Elephants Corner Him

The sound of the motorbike apparently agitated the herd.


An unidentified biker was seen begging for his life after a herd of wild elephants cornered him at Khao Yai National Park.

In the video below, a man was spotted attempting to drive past a herd of elephants. The largest, believed to be the matriarch, suddenly charged at him prompting the rest of the herd to do the same.

Surprisingly, the biker just stood next to his bike and bowed to the elephants as a sign of respect.

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