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China Forced To Impose New Lockdown Amid Fears of “Devastating Second COVID-19 Wave”




  • China has imposed lockdown measures again after receiving new cases of asymptomatic Chinese citizens falling ill from coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Central China’s Jia county is now under lockdown once more.
  • Citizens visiting or leaving homes are required to show identity cards, wear protective masks, and submit to temperature checks.

The Chinese government has again imposed a fresh lockdown to Jia County in Henan Province, Central China after three asymptomatic doctors tested positive of the dreaded coronavirus or COVID-19. The lockdown was made days after Beijing lifted its lockdown measures in many areas around the country.

According to the official directives by Jia county officials, they are reimposing lockdown measures and directing 640,000 residents to stay home and observe self-quarantine measures. Meanwhile, citizens who are visiting the place or residents leaving home are required to produce identity cards, wear protective masks, and “submit to temperature checks”. Car traffic and travel is also not allowed until the cases decrease.

“It’s better not to come to Jia county now. Nobody can enter or leave,” its local officials stated.

The newest lockdown order was made after three asymptomatic doctors, who were treating outbreak patients in the frontlines, tested positive of the virus.

“Testing conducted by a Jia county hospital on March 25 of medical workers who treat COVID-19 patients revealed infections in three doctors who showed no symptoms,” reported Express.

The report added that a woman also tested positive after visiting her doctor. This particular doctor also had a dinner with the other two doctors on March 13. One of those doctors, the report said, has previously visited Wuhan, the city where coronavirus originated but observed self-quarantine for two weeks and went on treating patients after showing no symptoms.

After testing positive, the three doctors were placed under isolation. This incident, however, was not immediately disclosed to the public until April when cases of asymptomatic individuals began infecting other people.

On March 19, China has announced its victory in containing the deadly virus. Following the containment, China reported that they received zero cases of COVID-19, resulting in reopening its country and lifting strict quarantine measures.

The Chinese government also fears of a possible second wave of the coronavirus outbreak which can spread through local infections.

China’s National Health Commission reported recently that there are now 1,367 asymptomatic patients who tested positive of the virus and are currently placed under isolation.

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