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Rare Tree in Southern Africa “Bleeds” When It’s Cut





If trees have feelings, imagine what they go through when they are cut down and chopped into pieces for human consumption.

This tree in Southern Africa shows exactly what my imagination tells me; it “bleeds” like a human being when hacked by an axe or chainsaw. I mean, just take a look at this and tell me if this is not even remotely creepy…


This is the Pterocarpus angolensis, a tree species in Southern Africa. At first glance, it looks just like any other tree.

You can see the difference when its chopped and you’ll understand why it’s also called the Bloodwood Tree.

It looks straight out of a horror movie. The blood-red liquid that oozes out of the branches is not actual blood, but the sap. See, when the tree is cut, it automatically generates this sticky sap, which cleans and heals the tree’s “wound”.

The sap actually has healing properties and can cure ills such as stomach bugs and eye problems. It can be also used to encourage mothers to produce breast milk. The demand for the tree’s wood itself is high. Because of this, the number of Bloodwood trees is said to be dwindling.

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