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15 Hilarious Prom Photos That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

Here are some of the funniest prom pictures ever taken.

High School wasn’t really the proudest moment for some of us. The acne plague, weird haircuts, and embarrassing fashion really made those days totally awkward. Do you exactly remember what happened on your the prom night? Did it went well? Think about how you looked back that day. Keep that image in mind while you scroll through these hilarious and awkward prom photos. Did you look worse than any of these?

#1. Someone was really having a good time!


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#2. Everyone was on their best behavior that night.


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#3. Protective dads are obviously common in this event.


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#4. Of course sir, I promise I won’t lay a finger on your daughter.


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#5. He was torn between two lovers.


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He Asked his Wife what she’d Like for her Birthday. The Result? FACEPALM.

Do you have similar disappointment like this?

Men find women difficult to understand because both think and perceive in a different manner. Women struggle to be independent while men try to keep up with the idea of being dominated by their partners. Basically, this funny story is somewhere along that line. The husband is trying his best to please his wife but apparently she's not easy to please.

Do you have similar hilarious misunderstandings like this one? Please share it with us.


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A man was sitting on the edge of the bed, watching his wife, who was looking at herself in the mirror. Since her birthday was not far off, he asked what she'd like to have for her birthday....

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His Sister Repeatedly Pulled the SAME Prank on Him! He Keeps Falling For It…

Gullible people are too funny.


Life without humor is not a life at all. Humor simply lightens the burden of life like stress at work, problem with family and issues with love. Sometimes, it also makes the healing process faster for those who are unwell. Whether you like it or not, life is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. No matter how difficult life is, learn how to smile and laugh. Anyway, it is for free!

Speaking about humor, nothing can beat a sweet practical joke on our siblings. It might be annoying, but it will definitely make you laugh and smile. And if ever there is a chance to pull an epic prank to your brother and sister, take that moment and it will surely be a whole lot of fun. A word of advice, record the whole thing so that from time to time you can always watch it and laugh at it all over again. It will never get old. Just like what happened in this video. The girl compiled all the pranks that she pulled to her brother. What really made it so hilarious was how her brother consistently fell for the same kind of prank. His reaction was really funny because he always didn't see it coming.

Watch the funny video:


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Lucky Guy Received a Total of 13 Billion Dollar Cash Deposits in His Bank Account!

Watch how this lucky guy became an instant Billionaire…


The integrity and honesty of a person will surely be challenged if it involves a huge amount of money, especially when the money is not yours. This is the moment when your values and principles in life will be put to test. Most likely, you will end up thinking what to do with it.  In the secular world where money becomes the sole source of power, you will easily be tempted to break your values and just go with the flow.  Perhaps, you will provide all the reasons and excuses you can think of just to justify your motives and actions in keeping and spending the money that is not yours.  Honestly speaking, I guess I would do the same.  I won’t be hypocrite about it.   But what if the situation will have a sudden twist of event, just like what happened in the video.  What would be your reaction?

A man from the coastal province of China discovered that his bank account has an additional balance of a dazzling 800,000 US dollars upon checking it in his computer.  He was caught in disbelief with what he saw.  He immediately called his friend to ask for advice on what to do.  While they were debating on how to spend the money, another dizzying amount has been deposited to his account which quickly made him 13 million dollar richer in just less than a day! But what happened next was the most interesting part. Will he spend the money or return it?

Check out the video to see how it turned out:

He became an instant billionaire. Unfortunately, it was instantly gone... What if this will happen to you? How will you react?...

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